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A Different Kind of Internship

I'm an intern for End-time. And End-time employs Lab Eleven. So you're in good hands for awhile.

I'll be adding to the quantascript directly, since Watson cut off when we traveled to the other side.

But End-time's trained me in the same code Scripters use, so it should be fine.

I'll explain where I'm going with Seth.


Superpositioned Music

Explanations are part of the report we're uploading to Quantum Computer S, between superposition C and D ♭, to give you the full picture.

Here, let's turn your Screen to you can look in my eyes. I'll try not to make it dry.


First-Generation Wizards

My job is to identify first-generation wizards in Geneva—one of E'Ruins three floating continents—which is where we're attending community college.


Pocket Worlds

Think of the floating continents like little pocket worlds that are used to play-test cultural norms. Geneva's the floating continent that's modeling your world, Earth. Seth has likely spent her whole life there, but I didn't do a complete background scan, if I'm going to be honest here.

Once I identify a wizard, I bring them to the Wizardhood.

If I recruit one wizard a month, I keep my room-and-board at Geneva. If I don't succeed, I'm transferred to one of the other two floating continents. That hasn't happened yet. I'm good at what I do. The Wizardhood needs fresh blood, and they love me for bringing it to them.


The Virility
or Sterility of Magic

Most kids who are raised with magic in their household grow too agitated by its influence to practice it themselves. It's a fine balance of believing and not believing. I like to compare the problem to religion.

Some of us bring duds to the Wizardhood, thinking they're perfect, yet they're too caught in their disbelief the other direction... as a child of magicians believes too much, these failed recruits believe in it too little.

Too much belief in magic, or too much denial, and a spell can't suspend in a person's head. Magic requires doubt, curiosity; not seeking answers, but pursuing the questions themselves.

I'm quite certain Seth can hold a spell in her mind.

She's just the type.



Unless a child's raised in a household that practices good, kind, and welcoming religion, future generations often convert to agnosticism, atheism, or a different flavor of monotheism. You can only spoon-feed so many bad flavors into a toddler's mouth before they grow up and spit it out. Same issue with magicians. Too much, and people opt out of magic. Too skeptical, and people never opt in.

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