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Ybnahmir, evrybodyluvari and 4687 others liked this post
    babvy.jasx: Sooo to explain (which i dont gotta do) me and Nahmir met a week ago. Why would we get inna relationship in 7 days. Plus dont nobody want his big head ass🤷🏽‍♀️. Soooo yall need to chill out with all that. Love ya!😚
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ybnnahmir: Dont nobody want yo big head ass🖕🏽

evrybodyluvari: Baby girl😍🙉

User1: mhm

User2: okkayyy

User3: girl stop lyin

ybnalmightyjay: Mhmmmmkayyy😐

User4: 😍😚

User5: 😣

User6: oop

asiandoll: Sis cute asl😍
   bhadbhabie: Yasss hoe😻
   babvy.jasx: Thanx😁

User7: 😍

User8: oof beautiful 😋

User9: 😏☺😍

luzbavbe: Wife💍😣

User10: yea right😒

User11: ugly hoe

User12: eww

User13: 😂 laughin at this

User14: untouchable beauty😍😊

User15: 💕💖💝🖤

User16: disgusting

User17: she just want clout

User18: beautiful😙

User19: oof

User20: .......

User21: oof cutie😉😋

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