Ch.8: Deadly Playground

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Surrounded by computer screens illuminating an otherwise dark room, someone watches a single camera with fascination, slender fingers circled under their chin and a coy smile resting on their lips.

It seems I have a few new sinners to take care of.

Their eyes light specifically on the two new entrants of the floor, a tall boy with a hoodie and a young girl. Their green eyes flash, mind already turning with possibility and excitement. They've been waiting what seems like forever for the sacrifices to reach this floor. Their hand traces the outline of the boy's image.

Now, it's her turn to do what she does best.


"This is where we get off, apparently."

Walking out of the elevator onto the floor, it's another sharp contrast to the floor below. Ray's cerulean eyes scan over the area, inspecting the new surroundings.

The stones woven together under their feet are a pristine white, matching the walls around them, fitted together with a long strip of red and black that stretches down the room. The air is no longer frigid, but lukewarm and stagnant. Even more cameras than the last few floors are in sight from every angle, and a large iron gate stands in their way, separating them from the staircase on the far end.

The elevator doors noisily clatter to a shut behind them, and Zack wanders away from her, peering at the large crimson painted floor sign.

"...B3," he says, distasteful. He turns around with a frown. "What a stingy elevator! Just take us all the way up instead of droppin' us off at each fuckin' floor... Here we go again! Another elevator hunt!"

Ray watches his irritated outburst for a moment, then nods her head. "...Yeah."

Another floor, another set of trials and tribulations. At this point, she's almost becoming used to the sense of danger that comes from every inch of this building. Nowhere is safe for them, but... well, that must've been their goal from the start.

He looks over to her, slinging his scythe up over his shoulders casually. "Hey, I'm countin' on you. You're the brains of this operation." He cracks a grin. "Make sure we get to the exit!"

She blinks, and then presses her small fingers to her chin, in thought. Yes... I have to figure out a way to help Zack safely make it out of here, after all. I'll fulfill my end of the oath.

"Okay," she replies firmly. "I'll do everything in my power to make myself useful to you."

She starts to move toward the gate, but pauses, adding on to the statement.

"...Just like you swore to God; once we're out of this place... kill me."

"You... " His face scrunches up, and he clears his throat before answering her. "...You sound like a broken record player. Don't gotta tell me again!"

She eyes him for a moment, but lets it go. Instead, she approaches the gate, examining the steel frame. The gate reaches the ceiling, and when she tugs and pushes against the gate, it doesn't budge. There's no keyhole visible on it, either— another mechanism-powered door, most likely, locked up tight from somewhere else.

He starts pacing back and forth impatiently behind her, and she turns around, already knowing he won't like it when she tells him. The moment his bi-colored eyes fall on her, he stops, narrowing his gaze.


She's silent, brows pressed together uncomfortably, and he grows agitated.

"I said what? Unbutton your lips!"

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