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They swam for about an hour before finally getting out. Niall walked with Liam and Zayn back to the fire while Harry stayed back with Louis as he cut off the lights. 

"It's amazing that all of this belongs to you." Harry spoke.

Louis looked up as he cut off the last light. He smiled at Harry, "I love coming here. It helps me get my head together whenever life becomes too much."

"Nature is good at helping but I don't get out much. I work a lot." Harry said, frowning.

Louis poked his cheek, "You can always come here. Now lets get back before Niall eats anymore food! That's got to last us until Sunday!"

He grabbed Harrys' hand and pulled him as he ran the short distance back to their camp sight. 

Harry about tripped over some sticks but he managed to keep his balance. Louis was extremely fast.

"You two get lost?" Zayn teased.

"Harry was probably sucking Louis' dick." Niall said, picking up a graham cracker.

Louis and Harrys' faces both turned red causing the other three to laugh.

"I hate you." Harry mumbled.

"No you don't!" Niall exclaimed, "You love me and you couldn't live without me."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Shut up!" 

As the hours ticked on Zayn and Liam got tired so they walked into their shared tent. Niall made a joke about Liam fucking Zayn which earned Niall a slap on the head from Liam. The blonde just laughed and chugged down a beer.

Louis and Harry were still sitting with Niall around the fire just talking. 

"How did you find Harrys' kik?" Niall asked.

"I was typing in random names." Louis replied, "I saw his picture and I decided to message him."

"Speaking of pictures," Harry started, "Are you going to change your profile picture? It's still a cow."

Louis laughed, "Yeah, I probably should. You know what I look like now."

"He knew what your ass looked like before your face." Niall chuckled, "True romance."

"Shut up, Niall!" Harry groaned, "You're awful."

"I like him." Louis spoke, grinning, "He's funny and he's outgoing."

"I like you too, Louis. You're coming out of your shell a little more. Soon you'll be that guy from KIK that wants to pin Harry to the ground and fuck him so hard his imprint remains in the ground."

Harry was about to toss an empty can at Niall but Louis just laughed and pushed Harrys' hand down.

"I think he's just drunk." Louis said, "Gonna have to ignore him."

"I'm going to go take a piss then I'm probably going to head to bed." Niall spoke, burping, "I'm excited for the rest of the weekend."

He stumbled off behind a tree and did what he had to do before walking back over. He unzipped the tent he bought and crawled inside. He zipped it closed and suddenly it was just Louis and Harry sitting around the fire.

"I bet it's beautiful here in the morning." Harry said, putting another marshmallow on a stick and carefully placing it in the fire.

"Oh, it is. Especially during the winter."

"You come here during winter?"

Louis nodded, "There's a great hill further on in here that's awesome for sledding. I'm going to have to bring you here and make you sled down it."

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