“Register!” my best friend, Seth, called.

                “Got it!” I called back, swinging around and sliding behind the counter. I smiled at the woman holding a shirt.

                She handed it to me and I checked the price on it. “Hello ma’am. That’ll be $12.74,” I said. I held out my hand and she handed me a $10 and a $5. I handed her the change and put the shirt in a bag.

                “Here you go! Have a nice day!” I said cheerfully.

                “Thank you,” she said with a slight smile, taking the bag and leaving the store.

                I skipped away from the counter and went back to stacking shirts. Seth slid over next to me with a box in his hands.

                “Stack these up when you’re done Jakey boy,” he said, setting the box next to me and patting my head.

                “Can do Sethy boy,” I said, saluting him as he moved to help a customer.

                I finished stacking the shirts before getting up and grabbing the box. I checked inside before heading over to the CDs. I began to stack those.

                “Alright folks! Please make your final purchases! We’re closing up in about five minutes!” Seth called and moved to the register.

                People began to grab their final purchases and line up at the register. Seth got to work checking them out as I continued on stacking the CDs.

                The last person finally left the store, and Seth closed the doors and locked them. He moved over to me and grabbed the remaining CDs, helping me stack them.

                “I’d say it was a good day Jakey!” he said brightly.

                “I’d say so too Seth!” I said and grinned.

                “But you think every day is a good day. Seriously Jakey, I’m convinced that you’re going to work here until the day you die,” Seth said, raising an eyebrow at me.

                “When I die, I want to be cremated and put in salt and pepper shakers. Then you can sell me here,” I said with a wink, fixing a few shirts before nodding. Everything was all picked up here.

                Seth and I left the store and got in Seth’s car. I turned on some Breathe Carolina and relaxed back in the seat as Seth pulled out of the parking lot and took off down the road.

                “So, what did you think of that blond chick that was in there? Do you think she was hitting on me?” he asked eagerly.

                “Which one? There were, like, 500 million blond chicks today,” I said, rolling my eyes.

                “The one in the pink shirt with the nice boobs,” he said, grinning at the thought of her.

                “Nice boobs? Jeez, I thought those things were mosquito bites,” I said in shock.

                “Aw Jakey! That was mean!” Seth whined, swatting at my arm.

                “It would be mean to kill us! So keep both hands on the wheel and look at the road dummy!” I cried, pouting.

                Seth chuckled and went back to paying attention to the road. I stared out of the window as buildings rushed past us. It was dark out now, but the streets were alive.

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