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Me, Luna and my father headed towards the common room, where everyone gathered to enjoy themselves. It was still lavish, the walls and ceiling heavily decorated with gold accents and ornaments. Angels and Demons tended to stick to their own kind, speaking in their native language to each other ever now and then. The sound of talking quickly died as my father and I arrived. Rumours surely were the answer to that. It's not every day you encounter the Prophecy causally stroll through your area with the King following.

Everyone dipped to their knees in respect until my father told them to stand. They looked at me with great intent, their gaze lingering across my body. Luna broke their trances and stood up straight. Her authoritative stance intimidated me slightly. She looked around, sending mind links to the majority of people within the common room. Their faces shifted to concern.

The shuffling of exquisite chairs echoed in the room, those wanted quickly hurrying with Luna and my father. We ran to the Shrine, secluded from anybody that happened to wander the corridors. Standing around the circle of engravings, we all stared at Luna, eager to receive our instructions. A boy stood next to her and looked around the gloomy room.

Jay had auburn hair that was swept over his face, covering one of his topaz eyes. As he was gazing across the darkness, his gaze caught mine. I awkwardly smiled and he returned the favour. The angel had a sweet smile and didn't seem threatening at all. "I wonder what he is like when he's pissed off."

Luna cut my thoughts off. "Ok everyone. We have a newbie along with us." She glanced at me and sent a mind link. "Act confident."
"Why? Can't I just be myself?"
"There's a trouble maker within here. She doesn't like new people."
I sighed internally as I plastered a fake smile onto my face. "Hi. I'm Aurora. Nice to meet you all." As I said it, I scoped the crowd that stood before me. I was looking for body language in particular and almost instantaneously I caught onto it.

A girl at the back frowned at me, her eyes leaking malice from her dark green eyes. Her hair was an ombré, fading into dark purple at the end of her high ponytail. The fringe of her hair covered her eyebrows. She chewed loudly, opening her mouth every now and then to reveal the white gum swirling around inside her mouth. "Great, another one."

Jay welcomed me and informed us about the mission. "Humanity have been posing a threat lately and they are coming quite close to the Kingdom. One group have been mainly responsible. We suspect them to be part of the DPA, the Department of Paranormal Activities." Everyone looked around in anger and nervousness. I looked over to Luna who took me into another mind link.

"Many of our brothers and sisters have lost their families at the hands of the DPA. They're ruthless to us."
"Are they that bad?"
"I would rather die than to be captured by them. None of them have survived it for more than a month, let alone years."
My blood turned to ice thinking about it. "What do they do?"
"Experiments as they call them. We call them torture sessions. Control shocks and mental testing are just the norm."
The bells chimed throughout the Shrine, rumbling the cold stone beneath our feet. Jay turned to us. "Try to get some rest before we leave. We go at 9." He nodded us off and we scattered to the grand door. The girl still eyed me over her shoulder, her gaze burning into me and causing me grow more agitated.

Everyone managed to get to their chambers before me, my footsteps echoing through the empty corridors. I dragged my feet across the wooden floors and eventually reaching the wardrobe that stood before me. I picked out a white lace night dress, its fabric gently caressing my skin. Once I got dressed, I threw my gear across the room and collapsed in the luxurious bed in exhaustion, my muscles tight and sore from the intense fight just a few hours prior. Fatigue consumed me within minutes and I quietly sunk into the mattress, my mind slowly drifting away to other place...

The stomping of hoofs against the forest floor synced with the drumming of my racing heart as I sprinted for my life. My power was drained from my weak body and they were coming fast. Blood pumped in my ears, my stinging eyes watering constantly. "Just a bit further! They can't go past the cliff." Stones mercilessly stabbed into my pounding feet, blood dripping onto the dirt. I still ran on. The muscles in my legs burned like a deadly fire, each pace more excruciating than the next. The cracking of whips sent the barrage of horses barrelling towards me. Predator and prey. I didn't dare to look back at the burning castle.

Never look back.

The light at the end of forest called to me and in the last of my energy I bolted towards it. The sounds of the predators grew into a thunderous roar just metres away from my feet. "Almost there! Come on!!!" It got closer and a smile burst upon my mouth. "I'm free. I'll finally be—"

The sound of a net being thrown dragged me back to my senses. I slammed into the dirt and cried out as I fought against its rope. The material of the net seared into my pale skin, earning an ear-splitting scream that caused the birds to scatter into the air. Its ends were adorned with metal balls, pinning me down to the floor like a trapped fish being slowly burned alive. The horses skidded to a halt, spraying dirt into my fear-stricken face. I scrambled around in the net, trying to avoid the constant burning of the net against my peeling skin.

"Is this the one?" Something questioned, staring at me with absolute disgust. A filthy looking man answered him, scratching his stubbly beard with his meaty hands. "Yeah, that's her. Aurora Kalmaya, daughter of the King and Queen." He got of his stallion and crouched to my level, his crooked teeth flashing as he grinned. "It's a shame the Queen had to die so soon." He licked his crusty lips, drool leaking from his disgusting tongue. "I would of done a lot of things to her."

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" I screamed, my fangs sharp as needles and horns curling around my head in an instant. Anger boiled in my blood as I felt veins shoot up my neck, my eyes blazing a fiery crimson. "Oh! We have a fighter! Haha!!!" I tried to summon my shadows from the ground but the material seemed to damage them. When my tendrils reached the net, it burned just like my skin, sending pain rocketing through my body. I cried in pain as the rope still sizzled at my body. Skin flaked off my limbs, revealing the red skin and muscle beneath. Blood oozed from the burns, dragging liquid and skin with it.

"Please... help me." I whispered, my power slowly fading into nothing, leaving me as an empty husk of a being. The man grinned at me from the other side of the burning rope, his breast pocket adorning a pattern of some sorts.

"Seems like the net works, lads." He smirked, "Though it needs improvements. We'll get to that some day." He signalled to the others to grab the net, their hands miraculously tightening around the rope without any sign of burning. I gawked through my excruciating pain, holding back the tears as my skin continued to burn intensely. "How?! Is it because I'm an Angel and a Demon?"

"Well missy, we have to get you to our masters before they have a flip out!" He laughed as the rest of the group threw the net off me and quickly grabbed me, locking my arms behind my back and twisting it back. "GET OFF ME!!! STOP!!!"



I jolted upright, breathing incredibly fast as I whipped my head around my bedroom. "Normal... I'm here. It's okay. That was intense." Hurried footsteps approached my bedroom door and the door eventually opened. "Are you alright?!" My father stood in the doorway wearing his iconic black robes.. I frowned at his appearance for a while. He realised this and sent a mind link. I recalled the nightmare and pushed it to the back of my mind, focusing on the mission ahead of me.

"I'm ready."

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