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32| Real.

"That's hilarious!" Michael burst into laughter, joining the rest of the friend group in mocking the engaged couple. After this morning's antics, Annie got changed into some shorts and an off the shoulder top, biting her lip as she helped Luke get changed and lead the both of them downstairs.

The rest of the group were sat on the couch or the floor talking about what they were going to do today before heading home in the morning. Annie- debating whether or not she should take the ring off- helped Luke sit down before standing in front of everyone and biting her nails.

Everyone looked at her confused, slightly worried at her nervousness. She let out a sigh before breaking the news, watching Lukes face blush and cringe.

That's when everyone burst into laughter, screaming and shoving one another. Ashton jumped on top of Luke, shoving him with excitement and maybe even jealousy. Ashton always wanted to get married, he didn't want to be that crazy college person. Rosie was his end game and he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her, but sadly that didn't end out well.

"What are you going to do about it? Get divorced or something?" Calum asked, looking at the ring on Lukes finger and laughing. Luke frowned, the word 'divorce' so harsh and vulgar, he didn't want to get divorced at the age of 18.

"An annulment would be better, then its like it never happened." Sophie informed, gaping at Annie's ring and mentioning how pretty it was. Annie nodded her head, agreeing and asking if anyone knew of a place nearby.

"Yeah my last 7 relationships ended in annulments. No, none of us have any idea where to get that done." Michael commented, rolling his eyes as he chewed on some crisps.

They all searched for a place to go as Luke silently sat, biting on his bottom lip before having enough and attempting to find his way to the kitchen.

Annie lifted herself up from the floor, linking her arm with Luke's and helping him to his destination. "What did you want? A drink or are you hungry?" She questioned, getting a glass out for herself, arm still linked with her boyfriends- husbands.

"Actually, Uh, could we talk?" He rubbed the back of his neck, his wedding ring grazing the skin and sending shivers down his spine.

"Sure, baby, what's up?" Annie smiled, taking his hand and leading the both of them outside to the decking and onto the lounge chairs, basking in the soft morning sun.

"Well, I was thinking, why- Y'know- why don't we wait 'til we get back before sorting this out?" He paused, gulping as he wondered what Annie's reaction was right now.

She was beyond confused. What did he mean? Why can't they just do it now?

"I- why can't we do it today? The annulment place isn't too far away we could probably get it done by tonight." Annie informed, trying to keep her calm. She wasn't worried or anything, just extremely confused.

"I don't think we should waste our last day doing stuff like that, we should enjoy it Y'know? What's the hurry anyway?" He shrugged, twiddling the ring on his finger, pulling it slightly off his finger but not all the way off, he wouldn't take it all the way off.

"What's the hurry? We drunkenly got married at 18, if my parents find out any of this happened they will disown me, and I'm sure yours will too." Annie crossed her arms, glancing quickly at the sea opposite them before turning her attention back onto the confusing blind boy.

"They don't have to find out, and I don't really know what the problem is to be honest, why can't we be married?" Now he was saying it out loud he thought it was a lot more reasonable.

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