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"Hi again, Earthling," Seth greets your Screen. Her face fills the picture frame, and her hair falls throughout her face, so everything feels like it doesn't fit, like she and your Screen are larger than life. "Thanks for reading this quantascript," she says. "For getting to know us.

"I got permission from Lab Eleven to educate you on the Bit Bridge. I had to send an e-mail to them about it and everything." She backs away from your Screen, enough to give you a thumbs up; that's when you see she's outside her apartment, locking the front door. "Yes, it's true. E-mail still hasn't died. But we finally phased out PowerPoint. Thank God, right?

"Super excited to give you the Bit Bridge skinny...!"


Bit Bridge

E'Ruin's watched Earth's scientific development since Quantum Computer A made contact with the byte-based Net you have in your version of the universe.

We call this connection the Bit Bridge, since that's how it functions: 101001101 opens Gate 333, which lets us transfer data from here to there.

I think you access the Bit Bridge on a "Wattpad" or something, yes?

We've yet to see the Bit Bridge with our eyes, since it exists in a dimension above us.

But we know the Bit Bridge is there, because Lab Eleven's been publishing quantascripts between our universes for several years now. The data wouldn't successfully transfer if your byte-based Net didn't intersect with our QuantaNet through the Bit Bridge.


Bytescript vs. Quantascript

We've even had some experimental writers send bytescripts from your Net to our QuantaNet... So we get to read your classics, like Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby.

Anyway though—if you're not so familiar with the concept of byte-based information—think of a byte-based universe as made of zeroes and ones, while quantascripts are generated from -2, -1, 0, and 1;

And in those numbers, we find the building blocks of the universe. Or E'Ruin's universe. Our world, of course, is a world that's similar to yours, yet different enough to warrant a cosmic separation.


Understanding the Cosmos

E'Ruin knew when Earth discovered the galaxies are moving away from one another.

Our universe also observed your joy as you toyed with the Big Bang.

Some of your theorists have suggested the Big Rip and Big Crunch, so we know you're close to understanding the Multiverse, in all of its violent potentials.

And that's all thanks to the Bit Bridge!—that's why I had to share it with you. It changes our understanding of the cosmos.


Quantum Computer S

"I think I speak for most Genevans," Seth whispers into her recorder, while walking along a curvy road to school, "when I say we hope—once you figure out the same algorithms we've discovered—you'll build something more advanced than the Bit Bridge, so we can exchange conversations with one another."

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