7. puppy pt 2

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We decided to call scott. We knew everyone was there because they called us a few days saying they were having a party on the day we had out movie night which was today.
S- hey dude what's up?
D- hey Scott umm is everyone still at your house.
S- yeah everyone's sitting around, whats wrong?
D- can everyone come over now.
S- umm yeah we'll be over in about 15 minutes.
D- ok see ya.

David called the vet and he said he'll be there in an hour.

Everyone finally got to the house and we let them in.
"So can you tell us whats going on." Kristen said worried.
"Yeah you never call us on a movie night." Jason said.
"Yeah we know but we knew you would want to be here to say your goodbyes." A tear rolled down my face.
"It's duke isn't it?" Matt asked.
David nodded his head.
"Where is he?" Todd asked. We pointed to the kitchen and todd walked in first laying next to him. Todd stokes dukes fur looming down at him.
"I never thought I would see you like this but I am, but your strong duke, you always helped me get all the girls but that doesn't really matter to you but what I'm trying to say is that you're amazing duke, you always were."Todd smiled and stood up letting Scott and Kristen lay next to him.
"Man it's hard to say this but I'll miss you, you always were the one to make sure link was settled but it'll be a lot different with out you." Scott said.
"We love you duke." Kristen said tears strolling down both their faces.

Everyone said there goodbyes and it was David's turn. He laid next to duke stroking his fur.
"It's hard you know, it's not easy saying goodbye to something that means so much to you. I remember the first time I saw you and I knew you were the one for my girl and I was right. You made sure everyone got attention. I can't explain how much I'll miss you duke, I love you." David gave duke a kiss. The vet finally came and sat next to duke getting stuff started.
"Can I say my goodbyes too." I asked and the vet agreed and I layed next to duke.
"Hey Duke." I whispered softly and he sagged his tail back and forth slowly.
"I guess this is the end huh?" I looked away from duke crying more and looked back at him.
"I can't explain how much I'm going to miss you Duke because I never imagined that you would ever leave me and everyone else." The vet put the first needle into dukes front leg.
"I will never forget the moments we had together and how much fun we had, especially at the beach when you tried to eat the sand and then you chased after that bird and everyone chased after you, then finally David caught you." Everyone in the vlog squad slightly chuckled remembering that.
"This last needle will put him to sleep." The vet said quietly making everyone's smile disappear and now there faces showed nothing but fear and sadness.
"I-I don't want you to go duke! Please, Just stay a bit longer! I can't live without you Duke, i-i just can't think of my life without you." I cried and put my arms around duke crying.
"I'm sorry he's gone." The vet said sadly.
"Babe?" David put his hand on my shoulder i stood up and wrapped my arms around him.
The rest if the vlog squad came up to us and we were all in a group hug.
I lost my best friend that day, but I had my friends that helped me through that lost.

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