Chapter 6

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"Rei." The man walking towards us looked like an aged version of Landon. Blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

"Vasily." Carter place his hand into Vasily' outstretched one.

"Good to see you, who is this little one?" He smiled down at Beau.

"Beau, and this is my sister Ava." Carter gestured between the two of us. "Ava, this is Vasily. Landon's father."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I've heard much about you." Vasily offered his hand to me.

"It's a pleasure." I shook his hand.

"Ava, how are you?" Landon pulled me into a tight embrace.

"Good, thank you." I laughed, patting his back awkwardly.

"Rei." Vasily gestured for Carter to sit at the head of the table.

"Ava, please sit." Vasily gestured to the seat closest to Carters.

The women at the table gasped as I sat, I frowned at the action and stared at Carter for any explanation but he only smiled in reply.

"Kai." I whispered and patted the free space next to me as he was about to walk off somewhere else.

"Rei, would you like me to get a high chair for-"

"No." He dismissed the person before he could even finish the sentence.

Carter and Vasily engaged in conversation,  speaking in a language I assumed was Russian.

I leaned into Kai's side and asked why everyone else was staring.

"The women of the families never sit with the men. See the five families are old school. Women are always put to the back, that is why they all freaked when you were given a seat to sit on the men's side of the table." He explained in a hush tone. "Heck, if it weren't for you I'd be sitting with the women just like Landon. You're the first female I've ever seen sit this close to the head of the table."

"If Landon is their family heir, why is he sitting down there?"

"Landon is their family heir yes, but as of right now, he is nothing. Just like the women in this family."

"Why am I here? I don't have any title, I shouldn't be sitting anywhere near the head of the table." I replied after giving the waiter my order.

"And yet, you're the one tying the top three mafias together by blood." He smirked. "Lets not forget that boyfriend of yours."

"Hush." I screwed his ear and kicked his leg under the table.

"Jeez woman." He murmured under his breath.

Beau was a little disappointed that there weren't any other kids but she soon got over it once Carter gave her one of his many phones to play on. She giggled now and again, catching the attention of others.

"Mummy, can I have ice cream after dinner?" She pleaded.

"Shes your daughter?" Vasily asked, staring  from Beau to me.

"Nohhhh, Mummy isn't my real mummy." She smiled sheepishly from her coloring paper the waiters had given her. "But I wish she was."

I smiled at her way of explaining, I think Beau has always had a clear understanding that I was never her real mother. She just looked up to me as a mother figure.

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