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👁Your Screen

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Your Screen

"Hello, Earthian."

An astral projection of a young woman in a windbreaker approaches your Screen.

From here, cellphone, tablet, and television-based devices—as well as any other light-based, two-dimensional surfaces—will work to produce virtual landscapes, characters, and events.

For the sake of clarity, devices will continue to only be referred to as "your Screen" or "the Screen."

"My name is Setharia Rose McCrow," the astral projection says. "My grandma's name was Rose, and my great-great-great grandfather was Crow. She was a surfer. He was a lawyer. My mom's a political rights activist, and my dad is a robot repairman at North Factory."

Some of the authors in this quantascript did not upload Screen-based directives to the QuantaNet; others turned off AI narratives. In those instances, I will not be present. Instead, they will narrate directly.

Seth is using both Screen and AI directives, however.

"I'm in my second year college, first semester," Seth tells you. A small, toy cat dangles from the zipper of her windbreaker, up at her collarbone. "Even though I'm a storytelling major, I also love science. But I need more practice with my algebra; I suppose, while I used to be good at math, I'm not anymore."

Algorithmic Cuts

Seth scratches the bridge of her nose.

She scratches quite a bit, gathering her thoughts.

Because of the frequency of Seth's nervous ticks, your Screen adjusts to a new algorithm, designed to skip over her pauses.

This algorithm makes her astral projection choppy, clunky, not unlike YouTube artists who slice-and-dice their productions for clarity.

"I am half-decent at storytelling," Seth says, "except for starting stories; which is why I wish, when Lab Eleven interned me to write to you about E'Ruin, they didn't give me the task of starting the quantascript..."

A quantascript is a multi-tiered story, produced by several authors submitting chapters to one artificial intelligence—the Scripter—who then organizes the story into a virtual experience, designed for the Screen.

You are experiencing a quantascript now. I am the Scripter. Hello.

Seth is still in front of the Screen, but she's staring elsewhere. This is a safe time to look into her dark gold and hazel-flecked eyes, without repercussion of her looking back at you.

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