Chapter Fifteen: night stars

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Jessie's pov~

The day was ending. The sun sat beautifully on the horizon. The sky painted pink and orange fading into dark blue skies. I sat down on the edge of a cliff watching the serene scene in front of me.

The others in the background laughing and talking to one another.

"Jessie! Whatcha doing'?!" Kia yelled from his spot in a sakura tree.

"I'm thinking... "

"More like sulking."

'Shut it akuma...'

"Tehe, make me I dare ya...."

A low threatening growl emitted rumbled in the back of my throat at the taunts of my wolf.

"Whoa, okaaaay....what's the growl for?" Kai said as he put his hands up in surrender. he backed away just a little as the others turned their attention to us, questioning looks crossing their faces.

"Sorry, but i wasn't growling at you. I was growling at my wolf, she seems to take a liking to irritate the shit out of me." I said while rolling my eyes at the thought.

"Geez, who  are you to talk? your existence irritates me...."

"Do you not know of the words 'shut', 'the', 'HELL', and 'UP'?! In that specific order! Put it together sweetheart!" I yelled in anger.

"Oh wow! I'm soooo fucking depressed ouch that fucking hurt you pathetic human" Akuma snarled with malice. I could feel her roll her eyes as she huffed.

"If it hurt sooo fucking much then ShUT tHe HeLL UP!" I snarled, rubbing my temples to relieve the tension.

"Oh my goddess you don't know how to have some fun woman!!"

I looked up at the others, who were currently eyeing me, wary of what I might do. "I'm not gonna bite your asses so quit looking at me like that."

"Sorry, no harm in being cautious." Shane said with his hands up in surrender.

"Soo....your wolf like to play with you huh, she is indeed young. But don't be to hard on her you know?" Kia said as he sat beside me on the soft grass. The others soon followed after, sitting on the ground and staring out into the open scene before us.

"Kia's right you know, you two are gonna have to work together later on in life so I'd advice you to get along with her." Shane said as he looked over the cliff, his purple/black wings spreading slowly. Catching the up draft from the valley far below.

"When the giants come to ask you what your worth, do you know it? To win or to die? That's why its important to Rise above all, to stand your ground. Your wolf knows this......but do you know this?" Katie said after a long silence.

I shook my head, looking at the grass growing beneath me. "I only just realized this.....but.....if the giants were to ask me that, I would probably say something along the lines of "you can kiss my ass before I kiss the dirt beneath my feet" or something like that...."

This cause an uproar of laughter from the angels beside me. Though I was being serious, I'm not going to die—no I REFUSE to die. Not yet, not till I say so. So sorry to you gods above that sit on your asses all day and snip the red string that is every humans and supernatural's lives. But mine won't be cut so easily, you'll have to change the angle of your big golden sizers well over hundreds of times to get rid of me.

The laughter soon died down as the sun finished its course, hiding behind the waves off in the far distance. The sky lit up with the moon and stars light. Little white blossoms scattered around on the cliff bloomed with the white light provided by non other than the moon itself.

"Oh the lunar blossoms are blooming! They're so beautiful..." Cara exclaimed as she softly picked a blossom from its roots. "In your realm there called moon flowers. They bloom in your realm every season, but In our realm, they only bloom the most in the beginning of spring to the end of summer." Aurora added softly as her index finger and thumb lightly grazed the petals smooth, soft surface.

"They mean good luck, and can be used in light magic healing spells. Witches do it mostly for casting spell protections. You will learn how to do that and many other things." Dean said as he laid back on the grass, arms folded behind his head.

My attention quickly turned to then as soon as I heard the words "witch" and "magic".

"You mean I can learn witch craft?!" My eyes widened.

"Yeah, shinagora's are apart of every supernatural creature/realm. You are a whole lot of everything." Dean explained, a smile gracing his features.

"Wow" was all I could manage to say.

"You will learn that soon, but first you need to learn how to control that wolf of yours. Anyway, its getting late so we should head back. " Katie said as she stood, stretching out her limbs with a yawn.

"Awe really? The nights still young! Let do something fun!" Dean whined as he to stood.

"No, Katie is right you idiotic brat. We all need rest after all the training we did. Plus, I need a nice long bath, I hate being dirty unlike someone I know..." Shane said as he stood, pulling me up with him.

"You suck you OCD clean freak...." Dean and Kia moaned.

"Whatever, let's just go." Shane started to walk away in the direction of the castle, and all of the rest of us followed close behind.

'Hay Akumaria?'

"Yeah? What is it?" She grumbles in the back of my mind.



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