Chapter 4

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It was Saturday as I was sitting on my bed ready for Irma to bring my dress that's when she came in with a puffy dress as my smile faltered

"This isn't the dress I picked out" I told Irma looking at the dress

"I know your dad picked it out but you haven't seen the best part" she sang to me holding out these wedge heel boots as I stared at them in horror

"Those things are like a foot tall I can break my neck in those" I told her picking up the shoes

"And your gonna look fabulous while doing it" she told me as I looked at her

"Don't you think that I should wear what I want it is my party I should wear what I want" I asked her as she just left and I stared at the dress

"Nobody tells Hayden Chase what to wear" I mumbled to myself as I pulled out the dress I wanted to wear


"Now everyone in the house give it up for the Queen of pop, most popular girl on the planet , the birthday girl herself Hayden Chase" I heard Nick Cannon yell as everyone was clapping as I walked down the stairs in my dress smiling then noticed my dad's face as I kept walking as he walked up to meet me down the stairs

"Where is the dress I picked out for you" He asked me fake smiling as we were walking to the camera crew from MTV

"Well I thought I wear what I want it is my sweet 16" I told him as he gave me a look

"We're not done with this conversation" he told me as he walked away and I sighed walking up to Shawn

"Hey you look beautiful"he told me as I smiled at him

"Thank you Shawn have you seen Charlie anywhere" I asked looking around

"No wait why do you care do you like him" Shawn asked turning to me

"Maybe a little he sees the girl behind the lights and the camera" I told Shawn smiling as he smiled at me

"Hayden, MTV" I heard the camera crew call as I pulled a fake smile and walked down the stairs onto the stage as I tapped the mic gaining everyone attention

"I just want to thank everyone for coming to my party, I wanna thank my dad for throwing this party and that's it let's get this party started" I told everyone as they all cheered then I got stopped by MTV

"Hayden, you're performing your number 1 single tonight "Love you, Hate you". Looking forward to it?" The camera lady asked me as I smiled

"Yes, i'm very excited, it's always great to perform in front of a crowd. Whether it's Madison Square Garden or here at my birthday" I told the lady

"Would you say, this is your most personal album to date?" She asked me as I looked at her

"When you say personal" I started but then my dad walked over to us and cut me off

"Oh course it is go enjoy your party princess" he told me as I walked away and walked over to the dance floor

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nick Cannon." I heard Mr. Worth announced as Nick went onto the stage and we all clapped

"Thank you Welcome Majesty Records' guests. Are you all ready to get down? " Nick announced as we all screamed and

"Let's do Alright, make some noise! Come on, come on  I got babies at home that make more noise than that Make some noise!" He told us as we all screamed louder and saw the first group on stage

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