Chapter one

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"Charlie, come down this minute"

I decide to ignore my brother's call for me. Hearing his voice automatically gives me a headache.

He calls for me again, this is twice. If I don't want a bigger headache it's better for me to just go now and do what he wants me to do.

Usually when he calls for me, it is because he wants me to do something for him. There are times, I'm emotionally exhausted and ignore his calls. He doesn't really come to my room to check if I'm ignoring him or not. He would usually just do it himself but then would make a mess which I have to clean after.

I roll my eyes and sigh for the 100th time today. I'm tired of going downstairs to do his bidding. And I have to do it if I don't want to hear his yelling. I roll off the floor and struggle to get up. By the time I'm up, I'm out of breath.

I had a bed and I broke it couple months ago. I apparently overgrew my bed. I didn't bother asking my brother for another. I don't ask anything from him anymore.

I slowly made my way downstairs and as soon as I made it down to the living room, I feel the familiar eerily feeling travel through my soul when my brother gives me his usual cold glare. I couldn't dare to look up at his eyes. Couldn't bare seeing his dark blue eyes filled with hatred and anger. Hatred and anger towards me.

How it changed. So much from what it use to be. There was once a time that my brother eyes were filled with joy and much love. Now the brightness is overshadowed by the darkness. He use to smile more, laugh more and joke around more. Now he's ruthless, almost emotionless and cold. Especially towards me.

Tom Jones was my best friend even with the four eyes difference between us. He was the best brother anyone could ask for, would give me piggy back ride if I got to tired, buy ice cream for me with his pocket money even though I finished mine with sweets that I only brought for myself.

I never liked thunders and those days, he would make a fort in the living room and tell me funny stories to distract me from the booming sound.

There were times he would want to be alone with his friends but wouldn't say anything when I followed him. Sometimes he would beg me to stay home and would promise to take me next time but I would always cry and he would end up taking me anyways.

Of course there were times we argued. We were loud and childish but he would always apologise. He would never hold grudges. My brother was a lot like my father but all of that changed when I was fourteen.

I was having a bad day. It started in the morning, I just felt a bit off and I couldn't understand why. I just didn't have a good feeling. I asked my father if I could stay at home but since I wasn't ill and couldn't really explain what was going on with me, my father said no.

So I went to school, but I was late so I had detention at lunch. Then I forgot to do one of my homework which meant another detention after school. Amy my best friend completed her homework but when she saw that I didn't have mine, she just gave it to some kid that never did his homework for some reason. He was happy.

After detention, Amy and I had to work home. The weather wasn't the best. It was raining and I was getting wet and my hair was starting to fizz out.

Amy was talking to me about some boy that asked her out. When she wasn't talking she was singing. Unlike me, Amy loved the rain. She started to grab me to whirl me around, trying to cheer me up.

I tried to get with the mood so I let her. It wasn't working but I laughed at the right time and smiled to please her. Then Amy just stopped everything.

She was frozen in her step and at first I thought she realised that I was faking my happiness for her but she wasn't even looking at me.

No, her eyes were fixed on something behind me. I frowned and waved my hands in front of her. Amy slapped my hands but didn't look away.

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