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(Don't play song until it says to play it ) also get  a box of tish you're gonna need it :'/

Dr's pov

"I cant give up on her Megan I know she can live she needs to wake up . She needs to come back her family needs her !"

I can't stop trying. I have to keeps her here with us . I want to walk out of this room and tell her friends and family that she came back .

I know I just told them she's gone , but something in me told me that she's  going to come back , so I have to keep going .

Mary's POV

"Mom? Dad ?" I'm seeing them .

"Hi sweetie! We missed you !" They took me into a hug.

"Why can I see you ?" I asked

"You died honey ." They said .

I felt tears start to fall down my face .

"Mommy ! Daddy ! Nooo!"I cried .

I can't be dead ! I can't ! I want to come back to life . I want to see Chris and Trey . I want to give them a hug . The world I haven't traveled . I haven't done anything I'm only 19 I want to enjoy my life . I want to have kids and see them grow . I want to grow old . I want to do all the cliche stuff every one does . I can't be dead .

"Mommy I want to go back ." I cried .

"Honey relax . Relax it's going to be fine up here . You're with us now ." She said to me .

"No mommy ! I want to go back ." I said .

I looked behind me and say a dark tunnel with a light at the end . I started running and running. Maybe that's where I can go back .

I reached the end .

Dr's POV

She opened her eyes . The machine started beeping again. I knew she was going to come back . I couldn't let her go like that . She's to young to go . I called in all the nurses to hook her up on medication and had them stabilize everything.

Mary's POV

I woke up !

I saw bright white walls . My eyes were stinging. My ears were ringing. Nurses were all around me . Things were being given to me through the needles inside of my body .

A rush of panic rushed throughout my body .
I jumped up . I was afraid . I was freaking out .
I was panicking. I was begging the nurses to call in Chris or anybody . My panic grew bigger and bigger by the minute. I needed to see him or anyone in that matter . I just need someone to hold my hand right now . Tears are streaming down my face. I'm a mess .

"Please ! Please let me see one of my friends I'm having a really bad panic attack ." I said to the nurse for the 10th time .

"If it's going to make you relax then ok." She said .

I was still panicking. Am I even alive ? My whole body was trembling in fear .

The room door flew open. I looked up and saw him . Tears were rushing out of his eyes .

"Mary!" He shouted and took me into a tight hug .

I pushed him back it was his fault I ended up here .

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