twenty five

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"but dad! i've started a better life here!" i exclaim to my father.

"i know sweetheart but it's for the better." i mentally roll my eyes and fold my arms.

"that's what you said last time and now look. i state "in the same position!"

"dad what about derek and the others?" i ask, realising.

"i already have that planned, don't worry about them." i look down at my sliders and tears start to fall from my eyes.

"dad, i don't wanna move again." i sniff wiping my eyes. "i love it here and i wanna stay here. moving to london is gonna be so hard."

"sweetheart, it's my job, i can't let a big opportunity like this just disappear." he muttered, comforting me.

"what are we gonna do about derek and the others?" i ask again.

"i'm gonna give them the penthouse. that can be their spare home, if they don't want to live with their mother anymore they can stay there." he smiles. this is why i love my dad. he thinks about others way more than himself.

the idea wasn't too bad but dereks gonna crumble when he finds out i'm moving. i nodded my head in agreement as i sat back on the sofa with my dad and let my thoughts take control of me.


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