They placed her into another cell; the bars were thicker as she grasped them, trying to see what was going on. The aliens were awaiting something, as not one of them approached; instead they had their backs to her. Loud steps could be heard but Reve couldn't see anything from where she was. The footsteps became louder the closer they got. The draconians parted for the newcomer and Reve gasped in shock. It was a human, but as soon as he got close enough Reve could smell him, he smelt like the other males with that musky odour. He was a Hybrid, with short jet black hair and green grass eyes; muscular build and tall, around six foot.

He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. He bowed slightly to her, "My name is Rufus, and we mean you no harm." But the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

"You've been brought here, so that you can embrace your heritage and fulfil your duties.” There was no emotion behind his words; it was if he was repeating a speech he had practiced a million times.

 Reve stood staring at him. Oblivious he droned on, "You have been specially bred to join the elite ranks of the draconian army, you will be trained in battle combat and learn to use your skills. Once you have fulfilled your duties you may choose a mate to help replenish our ranks."

Reve’s mind shied away from the word ‘mate’, her heart still ached at any hint of Collins and what she had lost. The thought of joining them repulsed her, as images of human bodies strung up like day old bacon threatened to upset her stomach again. But she had no way of getting out of here alive; she had no weapons and was heavily outnumbered. Learning how to fight would give her an advantage; she could use their weaknesses against them. Learn what would and wouldn’t work. The beginning of a plan began to form, as she swallowed past the bile in her throat. “I accept.”

Rufus merely nodded. "You will be checked over by our own human doctor, then you'll be released into my care. But be advised, if you try to harm anyone, or run away. You will be put down". He was so matter of fact about it that, Reve couldn't do anything but believe him. "I will collect you shortly after the ritual". And with that he walked away, leaving her alone.

A steady beat began to echo around the vast cavern walls, and the excitement went up a notch. The smell of the draconians intensified, as they began to surge as one towards the front. Reve watched in astonishment, as she watched a procession of hybrids walk past her cell; not one of them looked at her.

The draconians began to snarl and growl, as the hybrids disappeared from view. A few greys projected the scene in front to those who were blind, to happenings up front.

All the hybrids were lined up, facing a draconian. He was wearing some sort of metal armour that made him look much more intimidating than the others. The hybrids waited for his signal, it seemed as if this was a passing out parade. Each hybrid went up, one by one and was given a weapon. The draconian used his claw and ran it down the side of each hybrid’s face, slicing open the cheek. Blood poured down each face but not one flinched, instead they turned their face to the others, proudly displaying the gash which evoked a round of cheers and growls from hybrids and aliens alike.

After each hybrid had received their mark the noise became deafening. The atmosphere was one of celebration as the greys left, and only a handful of Draconians stayed behind. The hybrids had set up what looked like a fighting ring. There were numerous weapons, blades, swords and a few Reve didn't have a name for but they looked as if they could do serious damage. The hybrids split into two groups, and each partnered up with another from the opposite group. They began to growl and screech at each other all the while shifting, their bodies changing.

The hybrids varied in appearance, in some the grey DNA was most prominent, their huge almond shaped eyes and the dullness of scales were a testament to their heritage. Others like Reve were a replica of a draconian, but they varied in colour. Some had a reddish tinge; others had blue or yellow to their scales.

They began to circle their chosen partner, slashing out with their huge razor like claws. So quick were they that they began to blur in a maddening scene of vibrant colours. Reve watched in awe as they each tried to draw blood from one another. The victor was the one who drew first blood. One by one, they fought until one victor stood alone, whilst the other bloodied knelt before the winner. Again and again, they fought until there was only one hybrid that’d yet to fight. The other hybrids sneered at the female; her scales were an array of green and orange but looked dull under the light.

She stood tall and proud, never once backing down by the growls directed at her. Reve sensed a deep mistrust in her of the others, as she watched the female eye them warily. Reve noticed that unlike the others, she didn’t have a mark on her cheek, which the other hybrids displayed with pride.

A hybrid with scales of deep forest green dipped in black approached the cell that contained Reve. Opening her cell door he motioned her forward. Reve backed away, but he grabbed her and dragged her forcibly out; throwing her in front of the other female.

She watched them, her heart hammering in her chest as she realised they wanted her to fight. Reve was no match for them in her human form, and didn’t want to lose herself again. Adrenalin rushed through her body, as her body began to shift against her will; answering the call to fight. 

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