Learn to Fly- Wooflan/Vikklan Parts 1 & 2

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Okay so this turned out a little sadder than I meant it to be.... I'm sooooooo not sorry.

TW- Depression and self-harm (I can't say I didn't tell you)

I think there will be a second part with more fluff and healing but that might have to wait a week or so as I'm a little swamped with homework (mostly art) and have a lot to think about.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

4 years. 4 years down the drain in a week. It was like he didn't even care when I found out, simply shrugged and ended the call as I was crying and yelling at him for answers half way across the world.

How long had this been going on? Had she been there every time I left to go home in Australia or visit the Sidemen in England? I spent more time away from Canada than in Canada so the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it had probably been going on for a long, long time.

I was in England when I found out.

One of Rob's friends came around to his house while the girl was there and because he knew me, and he knew about my relationship with Rob, he told me. And I was grateful. As much as it broke my heart to be told, it meant I was no longer in a relationship where I wasn't being told the truth. It was better.

I spent the first day after finding out about Rob cheating on me lying on my bed in silence, staring at the ceiling. There were no tears, I told myself that he wasn't worth crying over, but I was just numb. I didn't feel anything, lying in the dark with the light off and the covers on the floor, and I just stopped living for a few days.

All I thought about was the good times of our relationship, the dates, the anniversaries, the nights together, the calls when I was in Australia or England. It just made me want to go back but I knew that I had to stand strong and just try and push through it.

Two days after I found out, people started knocking on the door more and more frequently. Vikk had come too and from the door more than a few times the previous day and I had just yelled at him to go away but after the second day he came back every half an hour, asking quietly for me to open the door. I ignored him.

To keep myself grounded I kept digging my nails into my wrist, drawing blood from the amount of times that I did it. It kept me grounded and stopped me drifting off from eyeing the wall in the dark into the depths of my mind where I knew I wouldn't come back from.

There were half moons with blood streaks running down my pale skin but as the pain faded I continually dug my nails back in, bringing more blood to the surface but grounding me again.

There was a knock on the door.

"Lachlan?" Vikk's voice was soft and I barely heard it above the blanket that was thrown over my head. Another knock. "Can you open the door please? I'm really worried about you." I didn't move, I didn't want to let him in.

I heard a sigh from behind the door and then a thud as I heard Vikk sit down outside, making me flinch. I didn't want him to stay there, I just wanted to be alone.

"I'm not leaving until you open this door Lachlan, I swear. I need to know that you're okay." I rolled onto my side and just groaned into my pillow, really just wanting to die.

"Go away Vikk. I don't want you here." I could hear him humming to himself outside the door and I quickly came to realise that he definitely wasn't going anywhere and he wasn't going to give up until I opened the door.

I sighed but slipped to the floor for the first time in what felt like weeks, even though I had gotten up a few hours earlier to go to the bathroom. As my feet his the floor I sighed, padding my way over to the door, reaching my hand out before pausing.

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