I got tagged

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Edited: May 27, 2019

Here we go with another tag from my friend pretty_lil_psychoo thank you gurl and Imma do another face reveal for those who didn't see "I got tagged" in "Best Mistake" but Imma put new 13 facts here so yeah.


1.I *used to* hate Gay, lesbian and threesome ships #Yaoihaterhere.

2.*No longer true* I'm currently Married if I were in Black Butler I would be married to Ciel Phantomhive.

3.I'm a nerdy author.

4.I have been bullied for more than 3 years but thankfully it stopped now.

5.My favourite anime character is Ciel Phantomhive from Black butler.

6.My favourite cosplay is Sarada Uchiha's costume.

7.My favourite ship is SasuSaku and BoruSara

8.My Favourite food is Extra Spicy Ramen.

Don't judge but I'm not Naruto but I'm so obessessed with Ramen.

9.I'm makeup guru girl

10.My favourite book is "The player's Game" a SasuSaku book.

11. My favourite game is truth or dare and Cards against humanity.

12. Currently wearing an all Black outfit.

13. My best friends are kpoplover2366 Twinzies_28 SeanMatthewSalcedo CrazyYandereOtaku15 animeweabooangel3 Moonlightmaiden21 pretty_lil_psychoo and yeah their also the ones that I will tag execpt for pretty_lil_psychoo at least she passed it to me sooo........

Anyway face reveal guys






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