Chapter 10.

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(This chapter won't be the last.)
I got out of the train.  I looked at the letter as i ran my fingers trough my short hair. I accidentally let go of it and it flew away. " Wow. Great . How am I supposed to find her now?" Why do these things always happen to me? Ugh. I started walking around randomly. This place isn't like Applejack at all. Then again The Oranges are way different than the Apples , the Pies and the Pears but they are still family.
~Time Skip~
It's no use there's no way i can find her. I ran into someone and they fell diw. " Ow." She said. The girl lifted ther head. " I'm sorry- Aj??!?!" " Dash?!? What are you doing here?!?" She said. " Hmm let me think- oh you can't expect me to still act like everything was normal after you left me for so long?!? You didn't even answer your phone! I missed you so much!" I shouted. She looked at me and opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by a girl. " Hey Applejack. Who's this?" " Oh this is Rainbow Dash . Mah girlfriend. Dash this is Rara. A really old friend of mine." The girl gave me an evil grin. She's up to something.
Yeah kinda short but it still is a chapter! I'm sorry if there are any Rara lovers but I think i have to use her as the villain for a while. Bye!

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