Calm The Fire: 104

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It was then that the camp which seemed to settle in Dale was slowly moved upwards. Everyone seemed to peek over the barricade to watch. Thorin had been hugely opposed to the watching, but it did have a use. They could see what the vast company on their doorstep was doing.

Eventually, and it seemed to take most of the day, but the camp moved from the remains of Dale and settled a little ways below. Roughly where the path from Erebor wound down in its rocky descent.

It was Bilbo who perked up and lifted his head up from his crossed arms. He had crossed them over the top of the barricade - or at least a low enough part he could see over - and leant his head against them. It was so quiet that he shut his eyes and enjoyed the sudden peace, he blissfully enjoyed the cool breeze which was rustling past and through his hair. But it was this same breeze which bought noises up from the camp.

"They're singing..." He said quietly and thoughtfully. It was a very strange notion but there was definitely singing from down below. "What are they saying?" Bilbo asked curiously while looking from the camp and then up at her.
A smile slowly crept its way onto her face. "You want me to sing for you, Master Baggins?" Her eyes flicked down to look at him. Her smile if anything grew when he became a little flustered over the moment.
"Oh no, no...don't trouble yourself." He had said at one point in his mumbled words.
This just caused her to roll her eyes. “A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
silivren penna miriel,
o menel aglar elenath,
na-chaered palan diriel,
o galadhremmin ennorath,
nef aear, sí aearon,
Fanuilos, le linnathon,
Nef aear, sí aearon!” Náriel's voice sounded out clearly and lightly from his side. The pottering Dwarves behind them even stopped to look up and listen.

"What does that mean?" He asked while looking up at her. Náriel smiled and shook her head slowly. "You don't know it in Westernesse?" Bilbo couldn't help but sound disheartened at this. He thought - though he didn't understand her - that it was a beautiful song. It seemed to put him at ease as she simply sung each line.

"It's not that. Just...translating may take me a moment is all." She confessed. Translating really wasn't something she was good at. "'O Star-queen Star-kindler,

Glimmering white, sparkling like jewels

the glory of the heavens slides down from the firmament.

Having gazed afar at the distance

from tree-tangled lands of Middle-earth

on this side of the ocean, here, great ocean

Fanuilos, I will sing to you

On this side of the ocean, here, great ocean!'" Náriel said while looking up at the sky and then down to him. Bilbo seemed quite content with knowing what was being sung.

“Why are they singing about the ocean for?” Was a rather obvious question from Bofur. Náriel and Bilbo turned and looked down at the Dwarf. “We're not near an ocean. A lake, yes, an ocean, no.”

“That's not the point.” Náriel said. “You sing about carven walls, and...Kings in halls, jewels and sometimes fighting. Yet you may not be near such things. So why sing about those things for?” Náriel asked while crossing her arms and leaning back against the barricade. She smiled and watched as Bofur tried to find an answer, in the end he just pointed a finger up at her and shuffled off.

“What's this?” Glóin looked to the plate which was suddenly put in his hands.

“It's all we have,” Bombur said dejectedly.

Bilbo looked to Náriel, and she winced as an argument about food started. Slowly she looked down at him. “I don't suppose you have any food left?” He questioned quietly. Though he himself wasn't hungry right now, he'd surely become hungry later on.

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