Its your birthday

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Harry- You woke up excited because it was your 22nd birthday! You hear music downstairs in the kitchen and then realize your boyfriend Harry wasn't next to you, you ran into the kitchen and hugged Harry from behind. "Good morning to you too y/n" Harry laughs "Hi my beautiful dimpled face Boyfriend!" You say to Harry. He turns around and puts 2 pancakes on yours and his plates and puts them down across each other. "Sooo, I assume you know what day it is?!" You told Harry while going around the table to sit. "Umm, our anniversary?" Harry says looking at you, when he said that he excused himself and went upstairs. "Our anniversary?" You mocked him and put your head down "Our anniversary isn't till 2 months!" You whispered to yourself. "Hey babe come here real quick!" Harry then yelled from upstairs "Coming!" You yelled back. When you made it upstairs you were so shocked to see your whole room filled with helium balloons that read 'happy birthday!' On them and rose pedals in the form of a heart on the bed with a note saying 'turn around' you turned to see Harry on one knee "Y/n, you have made me the happiest man on earth for these past 4 years, I wanna know would you do me the honor of marrying me?" Harry said "Harry what the actual fuck! Fuck yes! Yes, yes, yes! A million times, yes!" You yelled as Harry put the ring on your finger and then stood up to kiss you "Oh and happy birthday wife" he whispered into your ear.

Zayn- You were asleep next to your gorgeous boyfriend of 3 years, Zayn. You were slightly awake but just thought it was a dream, you felt gentle kisses going down your jaw, neck, now going to your collarbone. You had on only a tank top and panties on. You felt the kisses get lower and lower.
~Zayn's P.O.V.~
I kept giving her gentle kisses till I reached her thighs, I looked up to see her squirming a bit so I stopped so she can stop moving. I then pressed a kiss to her covered core, and pulled her underwear down and pressed another kiss to her.
~Your p.o.v.~
I felt something wet and instantly opened my eyes to see Zayn in between my thighs. "Zayn what're you doing?" You moaned out from the pleasure being done. "Mmm fuck!" You yelled gripping onto his hair and throwing your head back. Zayn replaced his tongue with his finger and started to tease your clit with it until you started begging. "Baby please stop teasing me!" You pleaded in a shaky breath, but he just kept going and looking at you with a smirk. "Fine then" You said out of breathe, you then moved his hand and started to pleasure yourself. "Mmm Zayn! Yes Zayn, right there!" You began moaning again, teasing him this time. "Ugh, your such a tease" he huffed out, he took your fingers out and pushed his in. "You like that huh?" Zayn said looking at your weakened state. "Yes Zayn!" You moaned out throwing your head back. "That's not my name, what's my name" he then said. "Daddy!" You yelled out moaning and grabbing his hand as the pace quickened, you felt your self coming close. "Mmm Daddy right there!" You yelled, he gave you a satisfied look knowing he found the spot that drove you crazy. "Right there? Does that feel good? Is daddy making you feel good y/n?" Zayn groaned out. "Fuck Daddy!" You yelled throwing you head back as you reached your high. "Well, this time you squirted" Zayn laughed, you looked up at him to see he wasn't joking. "I'm sorry let me change and I'll clean it. "No need it's ok, I'll do it beautiful! Oh also one more thing!" He said smiling at you. "What?" You were confused at his smiley self. "Happy birthday baby!" He yelled and hugged you while showering your face in kisses.

Liam- Liam always did something so crazy for your birthday, this morning you were surprised that Liam didn't give you anything but you thought he must be saving it for later, then lunch, came around still nothing, then dinner came around. "Hey baby" Liam said coming into the kitchen and hugging you from behind. "Hey love" you said before turning around to kiss him. "So what you making?" Liam asked after you turned to the stove again. "Pasta, want some?" You looked at Liam. "Yes! Buttttt I was kinda hoping to take you somewhere nice" Liam whined before grabbing your hand away from the stove so you could face him. "And where would that nice place be?" You asked before resting your head on his chest. "Well that's a surprise babe" Liam said rocking you both back and forth. "I'll finish up for you and you get dressed all nice and we'll eat this tomorrow, sound good?" Liam said. "Yes sir" you laughed out. You walked up stairs to get a dress out and then showered(after all that b/c that's to much writing) you were all ready, you went down the stairs to see a nicely dressed Liam. "I'm ready" you said as you reached the last step. "Ok bab- whoa you look woah" Liam said when he turned around, you instantly felt the heat rise to your cheeks. "Do I look ok?" You said looking down. "Ok? How about Extravagant!" He then said grabbing your hand to spin you around.
-after dinner-
You went inside with Liam behind you, it was so dark you couldn't see. "Babe why is it so dark?" You said, when you finally found the switch and turned it on you saw your family and the boys of 1D and some other celebrities you had an interest in. "What the actual fuck? What the actual fuck! Liam!" You yelled and pushed him outside and closed the door behind the both of you. "Babe what're you doing? It's your birthday!" He said laughing at your reaction. "Wait this is for me?" You said tears brimming your eyes as you hugged your boyfriend. "Yes this is all for you, now lets go inside!" He said while opening the door. At the end of the night you had Beyoncé's number and couldn't be anymore happier, you then ended the night officially giving Liam a thank you present, if you know what I mean!

Niall- Niall was always the sweetest boyfriend ever, the little things he did meant the whole world for you. It was your birthday and you hadn't seen Niall since this morning, it's currently 3:40 and you started to get worried, you called his phone and he declined it, your thought instantly was 'wtf he's cheating!' But then a sleepy looking Niall came down from the guest room with 100 roses and really big book. "Niall where were you I was starting to get worried!" You said while getting up from the couch and running to him. "Sorry my love, I was doing this for your birthday" He then handed over a book which said '100 reasons why I love you' you felt tears go down your cheek as you looked up to your boyfriend, you gave him the biggest hug and stayed like that for a minute. "That's not all gorgeous" Niall said handing you the roses shortly after. "They all say 100 more reasons why I love you" He said proudly looking at them. You started crying because of how sweet he was. "No don't cry lovely! You deserve all this! You made me feel loved and wanted and I never felt much of that before meeting you, you always tell me that everything I do is the world for you and I wanna show you that everything you do is the world for me babe" Niall said hugging you, you wrapped your legs around him and he brought you two to the couch. "I love you so incredibly much Niall James Horan" you said still sitting in his lap. "And I love you so incredibly much Y/F/N."

Louis-You loved Louis with your whole heart and told him to not get you anything for your birthday but Louis being Louis gave you different types of presents all day. Louis had came into the bedroom with a gift box. "Louis no more!" You yelled at him but he just smirked at you and put it next to you on the bed. "After this, it'll be the last one understand?" You told him looking straight into his gorgeous blue eyes. "Yes babe it'll be the last one" he said looking back into yours. You opened the box to see a red and black matching lace see through bra and thong. "Louis it's cute! We can have some fun with it!" You said hugging him. "I'm gonna try it on but no funny business please!" You told him walking into your shared bathroom, you then came out to see another box on your bed with a stunned Louis. "Babe you look hot" Louis commented standing up and going behind you to wrap his arms around your waist. "Louis we just agreed no more presents!" You told him turning around to meet his eyes. "Yea I know but this one you'll love" he said as he smacked your ass. "Fine but this better be the last one!" You told him, he went to sit down so he could see your reaction, you opened the box to be met with a pink sparkled vibrator. "Louis really?" You said giggling, he stood up and took it from your grasp and turned it on and placed it on your clothed clit. "Mmm" you moaned, He then stopped it and said "It's pretty strong I hope you like it babe!" He said smirking at your annoyed face. "Your such a fucking tease" you mumbled. "Yea, yea happy birthday baby!" He said kissing you.

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