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Y/n's pov

C/n has gone to buy some groceries for his house..yes I am staying at his house..

I was searching for a pencil so I can draw something.
Then I suddenly saw a book tucked inside the pillow cover..

I took the book and looked at it.


Hm..it's c/ns diary...should I look?? Or should I not..

Let's see what c/n has written.

Dear diary
Today is an amazing day.i won first prize for singing competition ..all the credit goes to y/n..

Aww...thank you c/n...

Dear diary
I think I am falling in love with her...she is so beautiful I truly love her so much..

I tear ran down my cheeks when I read it...I hurts..I knew c/n didn't love me..

Dear diary
She looked so beautiful today..I just wanted to kiss..her beautiful plump lips..

I was a crying mess now..
C/n must really love her so much..

Dear diary
I am in love with my best friend..y/n.....

What!!!! He is in love with me???
Omg ...
I don't know what to say..he is in love with me..

"Y/n where are you??'
Suddenly c/n barged into the room..

"Y/n what are you doing here and is that my diary?!! and why are you crying?? What happened???"

"I love you too baby"
(A/n.i wanted to puke writing that sentence)

C/n asked

"Yes really" I said as I smashed his lips onto mine...

"I love you"
"I love you too"

"Stop touching my butt c/n!!"
"Nope don't touch my butt"

The end

Word count:281

Hey this is an actual update...I don't have any ideas...and thank you for all the amazing people who read my work...I really love you guys...

So bye...

Author chan
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