025 Punishment (3)

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When Yan went to the door, he was taken down by Lan Qin Yu, and his mouth was pulled to pull him to the place she had just peeked, and he was snoring.

"IRuoyun, slaves are only because of difficulties in the family, the master has money, and then forced to marry, you can not misunderstand me." Wang's voice snoring, let Yan Yan stopped and wanted to ask Lan Yuyu If you listen, you can hear it.

The voice of the lady's voice is like who is being spoiled, and the strict master is also looking out from the window. It is unfortunate that I just saw Wang's whole person leaning on Ruoyun's body.

"Mr. Yan is serious, and Yan Jia's family affairs month has no intention of interfering with her. The lady's words are really incomprehensible, and I am even more afraid of misunderstanding."

Wang's eyeball turned and went to Ruoyun's ear and whispered that he didn't know what he said. He saw that the expression changed when he listened to Ruoyun, and then glanced at the direction of Lan Qin Yu. laugh.

Got it!

It must be said to Ruoyun that she is actually not pregnant at all, thinking that as long as she is not pregnant, he will be more enthusiastic than he is now! Pooh!

  Ruo yun deliberately repeated the words that Wang had just said to him, this is also the request of Ying Yuer. It is necessary for Wang to personally admit it. He only whispers to him that it is not convincing enough.

He also saw that Yan's old man was standing beside the Lan Qin Yu, and this time he was finally able to end the farce... oh...

"Mr. Yan, is this true? Is the lady really not pregnant?" Ruoyun deliberately revealed a seemingly happy expression, and led Wang to be deceived.

Sure enough, Wang saw the appearance of Ruoyun's 'happy', and he opened the flower and said everything he should not say without hesitation.

"If you want to believe in slavery, you must be true. If you are not afraid that the eldest son of their family will swallow the property afterwards, I will not pretend to be pregnant, and win the trust of the strict master!"

  Ruoyunwins and chases, he asks: "But pregnancy is a big deal. How do you pretend yourself? Yan should ask the doctor to diagnose it."

"Liu Dafu has been bought by me. He will only tell the master the result of the diagnosis." Wang has already regarded himself as a man who is a moon, and he does not know that the latter has no meaning at all. I don't even know that I am stepping into the abyss step by step.


Lan Qin Yu took care of the drama and forgot the matter of Yan's father. This is not, people can't listen! The drama is coming to an end!

Yue Ruoyun successfully broke away from Wang's side and took advantage of Qin Yu that had just entered the door.

"How, I did a good job, so I can finish it smoothly." I can't do this again next time. It's too tired. The way I use it is not his heart...

"Generally." It took so long to escape the words, and Qin Yu was very upset. When she thought of the picture of their 'intimate', the face was green.

Yan's face is iron and geological. Wang asked: "Madam, what the hell is going on! It's just likeRuoyun said, your pregnancy is a fake!"

Wang's appearance was so stupid when he saw Yan's entrance, and there was only one idea in his mind that was constantly hovering.


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