023 Punishment (1)

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Looking back at the situation that confirmed Wang's stomach at the time -

"Yan master?"

In the hall, only Wang and a few crickets, but no master stern, Ruoyun asked.

Wang did not answer. When she saw theRuoyun coming, she liked his eyebrows, twisted her waist, smiled, and thought he was hooked up.

For the first time, Lan Qin Yu was not present, so there was no way to know if Wang had eaten Ruoyun's tofu, but for the second time, she was present and came in behind Ruoyun! So, want to eat tofu! no way! She didn't find anything cheap, how can she make this woman take advantage of it! Don't do anything that suffers!

"Is this the little lady of Yan's master?" Qin Yu very graciously occupies the front of Ruoyun, blocking Wang's desire to 'post' the body of Ruoyun last month, and smiled awkwardly.

Little lady? Wang's face was white and he did not dare to attack, trying to maintain her proper attitude.

"This, is this the lady of Master Yue? Mrs. Yue talking... It's funny...hehe..."

I dare to call her little lady! Little lady! Wang secretly cursed Lan Qin Yu in the dark, and politely made people drink tea on the bright side.

"Mr. Yan, is the strict master not here? Month still wants to discuss business matters with Yan Lao." Yue Ruoyun is still polite to Wang, not as clear as her as she is, not if she does not want to, right A person like Wang is very willing if he can punish him. It is only to let Wang relax his vigilance and expose the things of her fake belly. It seems to be kind to her.

"Masters go out to do something, they will come back soon. If you don't mind, Yuezi and his wife are better off drinking some tea here, wait a minute."

According to Qin Yu's plan, she was looking for an opportunity for Wang to stand up, and then Qin Yu accidentally kicked her, making her unbalanced and taking the opportunity to find out her belly.

However, all the lie have not changed, and it is true that Wang has not stood up since he sat down! No matter how Qin Yu think of a way she did not move, as if rooting ass! Tough!

It seems that Wang also knows that the more turbulent, the easier it is to reveal the horse's feet. The more you look at it, the more you think Wang's belly is fake!

The general approach can't make Wang's example, Lan Qin Yu began to struggle with thoughts, and there is another way for Wang to stand up and let her fly to estimate that she will be happy...

Beautiful man!

Sitting on one side, biting the little finger, Qin Yu are doing or not contradicting.

I sent the beautiful man to the 'wolf' mouth in vain, or kept it for myself afterwards... This is a very serious problem that needs to be considered very carefully!

But she can't just care about her own interests, no matter what strict things! If I have taken all the work, I should try my best to do it well. Moreover, she does not want to spend more time here. It is the best policy to start her journey in the distant country.

The two phases weighed and finally she made the decision! A decision to let your heart hurt!

Push the guy to someone else! What a painful price this is, it is a big bleeding! This is the same time, you can give me a good chance to cherish this unique opportunity! This kind of opportunity is not available to the average person! Qin Yu, from the beginning to the end did not ask for advice on Yue Ruoyun...

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