020 Mixed in (3)

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The second one is... I think of the name of Feng Tianqing calling myself... Lan er (Blue).

She does not want others to call her like this. As Yue Ruoyun said, everyone has different names for her, and the people that she can think of are different. The 'Lan er' reminds her of... Tian Qing, in the future, She also hopes that this title makes her think... only Feng Tianqing.

Both Qing Xun and Yue Ruoyun found that Lan Qin Yu was not right, no longer said anything, transferred to the topic, and continued to discuss how to find ways to let Yan Qian go back.

  QinYu quickly changed back to the original appearance, and they did not mention the same thing. Yue Ruoyun also faintly discovered that what he had just said  was sensitive to  Lan Qin Yu. Later, I should pay more attention to this point. ......-

According to the plan proposed by Yue Ruoyun, he and Lan Qin Yu successfully entered the Yan family, and Yan Lao looked not very difficult to talk, very kind.

Of course, this may also be because their name used to his mind.

Two people were arranged in a room in the West Chamber, right! a room. Because their current status is husband and wife, in this era, few women go out to do business. If it is a partner of Yue Ruoyun, a finer businessman will see that something is wrong, so he has to use this identity.

Take them down and squat down.

"Ruo yun, how do you know that Yan Qian's father will be interested in purchasing the palace of the distant moon country? You know it right?" His reaction is obviously long known about it, but don't think about it. !

Is he a big businessman in the distant country? Rich and powerful?

Yue Ruoyun is  sitting slowly and drinking tea, it is irrelevant to the question of Lan Qin Yu.

"In fact, this principle is very simple. Compared with other small countries, the distant moon country is relatively rich. The smart businessmen will point their goals to the distant country, and the most eye-catching of those businessmen is the palace of the distant moon country. There are traders who have business dealings. For the vendors who buy goods in the palace, more or less will be more in the palace. If there is any dispute, it is better to find someone from the Yueyue Palace to help, this is very good for businessmen. The big temptation has absolute advantages for your own business. In all the business that has a relationship with the Yueyue Palace, rice is the most important example, because there are many people in the palace, and there are more foods to eat. More, this is an excellent opportunity for businessmen to make money. No businessman will be willing to take over the business that has a relationship with the palace. This is not an exception."

Yue Ruoyun's mind is bursting! This has given him the thought, great! She can also think of the way to find the whole person, too lazy to think about things! Anyway, she does not want to, there will be people like Yue Ruoyun think, before there is Tianqing and Mo Yun, now there are Qing Xun and Yue Ruoyun, and she does not need to waste brain cells. It's not a blockbuster thing to wait for her to use those ghost ideas in business.

"Yan Qian's father is also a very good businessman. I haven't said anything in detail yet. He let us live first and never let the opportunity to make money run away..."

of course.

"Looking at our clothes and dressing up, we know that non-rich is expensive. It is the possibility that the liar is close to zero. The fact is that it is zero at all. If we don't take our words seriously, it will be a big surprise! It is impossible to have such a priceless price!"

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