No Biting

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Side Note: Excuse me while I go cry as I patiently wait with my merch until Harry emerges from whatever cave he hides in for the next year or so :(

Louis and Harry (twins)- 2 1/2
Zayn- Daddy
Liam- Papa

"Mmm. . .s-stop, Daddy!" Louis whined after breakfast as Zayn tried to wipe his messy face with a wash cloth, Liam also battling with Harry as both boys hated getting their faces cleaned.
"Stop squirming, boo bear. I'm also done," Zayn reprimanded, finally get the last bit of yogurt wiped off. Liam had also finished with Harry, the boy now pouting up at his papa.

"Why the pout, darling?" Liam chuckled.
"No like," the boy replied before taking Liam's hand and going upstairs to get dressed, Zayn and Louis following.

"Okay, boys. What are we wearing today?" Zayn asked as he and Liam undressed each boy.
"Wanna wear Thomas, Daddy!" Harry whined, always being the more grumpier one of the two in the morning.
"Sorry, Haz. You can't wear that today. Remember it had to go in the washer yesterday because it got dirty?" Zayn asked, hoping zero tears would be produced this early the morning.
"No! Wanna wear Thomas!" Harry whined again, stomping his foot. Both fathers sighed as Liam pulled a striped shirt over Louis's head.

Louis and Harry were both deep in their terrible twos at the moment; picking fights quickly with their parents and having a tendency to throw tantrums and disagree with their parents. On top of that, the boys also argued with each other. Sharing was a big issue at the moment. Zayn and Liam tried not to allow the boys possession of things; rather, just share everything. Of course, as the boys get older, they'll want certain toys for only themselves; and that was their biggest issue right now.

"Harry, listen to Daddy. You'll have to wear something else." Liam said sternly, raising an eyebrow at Harry. Liam was the main disciplinarian of the house.
"Here, baby. How about this?" Zayn asked, holding up a Winnie the Pooh shirt. The boy grumbled and pouted, but nonetheless, let Zayn dress him.

After getting the boys dressed and checking that their nappies were still dry, the fathers took them to bathroom to brush their teeth and hair, which went well surprisingly.

"Okay, boys. Daddy and I need to go clean up the kitchen. You two can play in here for a little bit. Please be nice to each other and remember to share. " Liam said sternly to the boys wanting them to understand.

"Yes, Papa," the two boys said in unison, then, Zayn and Liam left for the kitchen, knowing that in thirty minutes or less the boys would need something.

"Legos!" Harry squealed, running over and opening he big tub of Legos they had, and started to create some sort of....well, something.
"Supewman!" Louis squealed, grabbing ahold of the action figure and running around the living room with it, humming the theme song as he did so.

The two boys played well for about ten minutes, each keeping to themselves. Louis had calmed down and now was sat on the floor making a town of blocks for Superman. Harry, on the other hand, had gotten bored of his Legos.

"Lou Lou, I pway?" Harry asked in the nicest voice he could muster.
"Yeah! You be Ba'man," Louis decided, handing Harry the plastic doll.
"No! Wanna be Supewman!" Harry exclaimed, trying to snatch the doll out of Louis's hands, but the twin pulled back.
"M'pwaying with it, Hawwy!"

Louis didn't know what to do. He thought he was being nice by letting his brother play with him, and letting him use Batman. Harry really wanted to play with Superman though. So, Harry did the only other thing he could think of.
He leaned forward and bit Louis below his shoulder; quite hard for that matter. The poor boy was wearing a tank top, since it was a very hot summer's day, and you could see the slightly red teeth marks.

"O-Owwwiieee-ee!" Louis screamed before bursting into loud sobs. He dropped Superman on the ground, and Harry picked it up, happy he finally for it. Louis grabbed his arm where Harry had bit it as he bawled.

Zayn and Liam had heard all the commotion. They raced into the living room, sighing at what they saw.
"Oh, Louis. What happened, sweetheart?" Zayn cooed, crouching in front of the boy and opening his arms for a hug. The boy stuffed his face into Zain's neck as he sobbed. Liam rubbed his back as the two dads soothed the boy with sweet and loving words.
"Hawwy!" Louis responded after he had calmed down a bit.
"What did he do?" Liam asked.
"B-Bited my awm, Papa!" Louis cried, holding up his little arm to show them the bite marks. They were almost gone now, but they were still visible.

Zayn decided to get up at the moment, with a lightly crying Louis in his arms, and left the room to go get some juice for the boy and clean him up, while Liam stayed behind to lecture Harry.

"Harry Edward come over here right now," Liam instructed from the couch. Harry gulped as he stood up; he was in for it. "Did you bite your brother?" Liam asked rhetorically. When the boy didn't answer, Liam pressed again. "Harry, answer me, please."
"Yes, Papa!" Harry exclaimed. "Wanded Supewman!"
"Was Louis not sharing?"
"Well, gaved me Ba'man but wanted Supewman!"

"Harry," Liam sighed. "You know how much Louis loves his action figures. It was very nice of him to let you play with them. You can play with Superman a little later, okay? But we do not ever, ever bite people, okay?" Liam explained slowly, wanting to make sure he understood.

"Okay, Papa. Sowwy," Harry said sadly, feeling horrible for hurting his brother.
"Thank you, baby. But you still need to go in timeout for ten minutes, okay?" Liam said.

Harry went to the chair in the corner and started to cry softly. Although the boys both loved having attention on them, Harry just loved being around people. He wasn't much of a home body, and loved playing with the neighbours; whereas Louis didn't mind staying inside in his pyjamas all day long (lol me).

The ten minutes passes slowly, and while Harry was sitting, Liam went to go check on Louis, and found him and Zayn at the table looking at a Where's Waldo book.
"Papa!" Louis cheered, reaching his arms up for him, back to his happy self.
"Hi, darling. Are you all better now?"
"Yeah. Hawwy okay?" The boy asked cutely, looking around for his brother.
"Harry's I'm time out for biting; no biting." Zayn explained.
"I forgib him," Louis said, and both adults cooed.
"You're so sweet, Loubear," Liam said, kissing him loudly on the cheek, and soon Zayn joined in and they all were giggling in the end.

When Harry's ten minutes were up, he made sure to say sorry to Louis, who of course forgave him. They shared a hug and kisses; everything was good again. They all had a good day after that; going to the park and getting ice cream. One bad thing surely couldn't ruin their whole day!

Later that night; after both boys had been out to bed, Liam and Zayn sat on the couch together with a glass of wine.
"I think I have a solution for this whole sharing thing." Liam thought aloud.
"Oh, yeah?" Zach asked.

"Yeah. I think they should choose like, three toys that they only want for themselves. We can put tape on them and write their names. It will be for the toys that neither one of the boys want to share with the other. Even though we don't know it, I'm sure they've already decided who's toys are whose. I'm sure their are certain that they don't want the other to touch," Liam explained proudly.

"Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of sharing though?" Zany asked.

"Well, Zayn, we cant expect them to share everything. They can have some things to themselves. Besides, it's only three toys each. They have plenty of other things to share."

"Okay, okay. You're right. This'll be good. Let's do it!"

So, Zayn and Liam introduced the boys to the idea the next day, and they seemed happy with it. The system worked well. . .and the parents knew there wouldn't be anymore biting for a while.

Author's Notes-

Thank you sleepingatlast66 for inspiring the 'no sharing' box from her book 'Keeping Up with One Direction'. I tweaked it, and I hope you don't mind ❤️

Hope you enjoyed! Please drop any prompts you have in the comments or message me.

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