019 Mixed in (2)

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"Call me Xiao Yu just fine..." Such a simple question, do you need to think hard and hard? Who is fooling him?

Yue Ruoyun shook his head in distress. "This is not good. Qing Xun is not called Xiao Yu. It is called the same. It is easy to get confused who is calling you."

"No - will -not!" She is not stupid! Will you make a mistake? Whose voice is, she can hear it! She is not like Beethoven, his ears are not flexible!

"No, you will. Can you change your voice after you are easy?" If he deliberately changed his voice, how could she understand it?

At first he just wanted to tease her, but continued to push down and found that this would really be a problem. There is a way to change the sound in the easy-to-capacity technique. If someone rashly replaces it in the future, it would be wonderful! At least the name is not the same, how many can still see that something is wrong, prevent it from happening.

Lan Qin Yu language plug, was shocked by the words of Yue Ruoyun, she has not thought of this level, indeed has this possibility...

"What about it?"

Since he can't call Xiao Yu, he will quickly think of a name! Even if there is a deep consideration of this layer, you can waste time trying to address it here. I always feel that they are really bored and have nothing to do! Qing's face is cramping, and obviously can't stand the topic of their dispute...

  Yun looked at the facial expression of Qingxun, he resisted the urge to laugh and gave Qin Yu an answer.

"It's called Yu Er, it can be separated from Xiao Yu, and... it sounds more pleasing than Xiao Yu. You said, Yu?"

No answer, still no answer.

Lan Qin Yu lowered her head, and Yue Ruoyun couldn't see her expression. After a long time, she even felt that something was wrong. When she wanted to call Lan Qin Yu, she raised her head with difficulty.

Yu? Yu? Yu!

She doesn't like people to call her a feather! Harmony is not a bait! Fishing bait! I even called her bait!

She is very upset! Very serious consequences!

Qing can't trace the back and push it backwards. He doesn't want to get in. Who knows what amazing things Xiaoyu will do next time. It is smart to stay away from it.

What will she do? What is the moon? That face is perfect, she can't bear to start, he will martial arts, she can't start...

Yue Ruoyun naturally saw the action of Qing Xun, and also noticed the dissatisfied expression of Lan Qin Yu, but he did not feel any crisis at all, and he continued his words with ease.

"Yu, what do you think of this title? I think it is very good, but I will respect your opinion. If you feel bad, though, it doesn't matter. I want to call it another name. Anyway, there is time, it is slow. Slow thinking, like Xiao Lan, Xiao Xiao Yu, Xiao Lan Er, Blue is also good, then change to --"

"Just call me  Yu Er!" Yu Yu suddenly interrupted his words, blushing green and white.

I think of two things in my mind.

The first one is what I called Mo Yun Xiao Yunyun. The words of Yue Ruoyun are like repeating what she once said, feeling that I am being whited by myself! Very bad feeling! She only simply told him if he wanted to give her another name, perhaps because his name and Mo Yun's name were all in the cloud, and she was afraid to distinguish it.

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