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"Calum, tell me about your life in Australia. ." I asked Calum while he laid between my legs, his head resting on my stomach, and my fingers running through his soft dark hair. We'd been sitting like this for an hour silently, just enjoying each others company.

"Well, I have the three bestest friends in the world, Michael, Luke and Ashton. We are kinda in a band, but we aren't that serious. Michael thinks he's punk rock but he's really just a cuddly kitten." Calum laughs his eye squinting and a giant smile forming on his face. "Luke's quite tall and awkward but he's a super sweet guy, and the youngest of us all. Ashton's the oldest, he's really funny and has the best laughs, and gigantic fingers." Calum smiles. "My mom is really sweet, she's a big supporter of my soccer and the band. I think I'm the closet with my sister though, we're closer than most siblings are and we just seem to get each other like best friends rather than siblings. My life in Aussie is great, but I'm glad I was sent here." Calum said poking my stomach.

"Calum, why were you sent here?" I asked him. I've waited long enough to finally find out why my boyfriend was sent 8000 miles away from his home.

"Garland Rose, I I can't tell you just yet." Calum says getting up off the bed and walked away adruptly. I was confused and shocked at the same, I don't understand why he can't just tell me. I've told him such deep things before and this is all I'm asking for.

"Calum wait! Stop!" I shouted jumping off my bed and running after him down the steps. "Why- why won't you tell me? Do you not trust me?" I shouted, getting pissed off. I could feel my blood pressure rising and my pulse quickening.

"Garland Rose, it's more difficult than that!" Calum shouts back at me. He seems to get so defensive whenever I ask this question, and frankly I just want to know. In a relationship you're supposed to trust each other a hundred percent or the relationship will just ruin, why can't he trust me as much as I trust him?

"You don't trust me, do you?" I shout. "Why don't you trust me?"

"I'm not fighting you right now. Bye Garland Rose." Calum says calmly turning around and walking out of the door.

Three weeks and we've already had our first fight. We seemed to peaceful and caring and it just got flipped around by one stupid secret "he can't tell me". This is all utter bullshit. I let him into my life so easily -which I rarely do- and I let him take over my whole world. I was so infatuated with him. I was so open with him and let him in and he seems so guarded off from me. It hurts me to know he doesn't trust me as much as I trust him.

"What the hell just happened?" Meredith asked walking downstairs from her new bedroom in our house, that used to Peter's. Her arms were crossed and her eyebrows knitter together. By the look on her face, she seemed to hear a little bit of the fight but not most of it.

"I asked Calum about why he was sent here and he got defensive and left." I murmured looking at my hands, trying to control my temper. I had a bad habit of that in situations like this.

"I'm sorry Gary." She said using her nickname she gave me when we were eight. I sighed walking into the kitchen and searching for my moms secret stash of wine quietly, hoping Meredith didn't hear me. I found it hidden behind the extreme Cheddar gold fish in the back of the pantry and grabbed a bottle and silently headed up the stairs.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't help it. I need alcohol, not because 'Calum and I's" huge fight, I just needed to clear my head of that and other shit thats happening in my life. And I mean, who doesn't like to get drunk at three in the afternoon? I jumped on my bed wrapped a blanket on the bottom half of my body so I'll be warm but still can easily reach for the wine. I heard Meredith's footsteps up the steps making me scared. I grabbed the bottle of wine and hid it under my pillow and grabbing my phone, to act like I was doing something. She always hated when I drank, so I made it seem like I never did.

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