018 Mixed in (1)

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"Well, the story is over, what do you do next... I think the thoughts of both of you should be the same as me?"

The three exchanged a look and reached a consensus. Got it!

Although it will occasionally cause some trouble, it is a good thing! Also can't leave it!

"Since the problem lies in their home, then we have to find a way to get into the Yan family. This is a family dispute. It is more complicated. How do you mix in it?"

After saying this, I understand that this is a family dispute! She would actually get into other people's family disputes, and the private affairs of others should be managed. How do you feel that good things have become too much of a hassle... very three...


Yue Ruoyun smiled mysteriously, and pulled Qing Xun and Qin Yu to the side to discuss.

"Yeah Ruoyun, you are very smart! Businessman is to deal with businessmen! This is the most effective way!"

"What about Yan Qian? Can't you stay with Yan Jia? If you take it back, Wang will immediately know that we are Yan Qian's people, and we won't have any good looks for us. It will be very difficult to do anything like this. "Seeking a small channel."

Yan Qian sat on the bed and couldn't hear their conversation. He had to wait for them to discuss the results. He was fortunate that their rescue would return to this life. Now... no matter what conclusion they draw, ...

"Yes, I can't go back with Yan Qian. If his father's anger has not disappeared, or he still misunderstood him, it would be counterproductive to take him with him."

That's not as good as it is. "Then let Yan Qian rest in the inn. Anyway, his illness is not so good, and it is not easy to go out. I hope you take care of him. Ruoyun and I will  go to Yanjia to make the abominable woman hell. !"

This time can be different from the previous little teasing, must be severely punished!

"I understand, I will leave care for Yan Qian, but ... Xiao Yu, don't just look forward to venting, but also find ways to let Yan Jia master understand the damage suffered by Yan Qian, and the things Wang has done, this still needs to be carefully I thought about it before I acted."

Don't forget the business because of fun, this is the place where Qingxun is most worried about Lan Qin Yu.

"I do things, you can rest assured! I love to play is to love to play, but the business will still be solved perfectly! But, to solve the problem, there must be some entertainment factors!"

"I believe that the Lan Girl is a very knowledgeable person. You don't have to worry too much, and I will take care of  Lan Girl." I only know 3 days, but I have almost already figured out the personality of Lan Qi Yu. I have to say Yue Ruoyun. It is a thoughtful, observant person.

Of course, Lan Qin Yu is also very happy that Yue Ruoyun knows himself so much, only one point... to make her dissatisfied.

"I said Ruoyun,  can't you change the name, don't call the lan girl lan girl, the word of the girl is really like to call the village again! Earth is dead! Don't call the lady!" She remembered the lady in the nightclub...

"What is it called?" Ruoyun thinks about it.

Do you think about it? Didn't hear what Qing searched for him!

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