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''What?'' I let out, tears still streaming down my face and my heart running wild.


I felt exhausted, probably because of the adrenaline falling, or maybe because according to Laurent, I had just used my new ability on him. Laurent sat, shivering from the cold bite of the Winter night, and I almost threw my jacket on him. I had my oversized sweater protecting me, which was already much better than the nakedness he was in. He put my jacket on his exposed parts and stood up carefully, dusting off the snow from himself.


I helped him walk to his car, where he would have heat, and we sat inside to decide what we were going to do. Sitting in the driver seat, I ignited the car and from the windshield, I could still see Thomas's body laying there, with my bloodied knife dropped to his side.


''I don't understand'', I breathed out with wide eyes. ''How are you still alive?''


His body was still bloody, but every wound he had earlier had now disappeared. He had mysteriously and miraculously fully healed.  Turning his head left in my direction, he stared at me with pride and emotion.


''You healed me, Jade'', he revealed solonemly. ''I think your ability is to heal people.''


I gasped, incredulous. I did not know how to feel anymore; my emotions were all over the place. I was not even able to detach my gaze from the corpse a few meters away from the car, the corpse of my father, who I had stabbed myself. I was scared that Laurent's injuries would come back, somehow. We had been so certain that he would die from a battle against Thomas, that his current lively presence beside me seemed unbelievable and completely miraculous.


''What are we going to do with him?'' I asked anxiously. ''What if the police finds him? We'll be arrested!''


''Calm down, when a werewolf dies, his body will change back into a wolf eventually'', he soothed me, taking my hand into his. ''It will look like a dead wolf, nothing more.''


''Oh god'', I let out panickily, my head hurting.


From the corner of my eye, I witnessed the slow, horrific shift of Thomas's corpse to his large grey wolf. I did not want to, but I felt sad to see he was dead. He was still my father, the man I had wanted to find for years, before I lived the disappointment of being the daughter of a criminal. Deep within me, I wondered if his plan was truly to kill me. I meant, if he did, he would have murdered me right away, wouldn't he? What if he had wanted a relationship with me? It seemed unlikely knowing his past...


Anyway, none of that mattered anymore. It was Thomas or Laurent, and I obviously made the right choice, although I was not sure if I was going to have a relationship with Laurent at all, after the way he had treated me lately.


''Okay, we're switching seats because I'm clearly in a more appropriate state than you for driving'', he said, opening his door. ''Go grab your bag and we'll go home. Everything will be fine, I promise.''


I looked at him, finding comfort in his presence beside me, and for the first time since the last days, I felt a little bit of peace.

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