017 Evil (2)

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Yan Qian's hands clasped the bedding, and some anger appeared on the pale face, suppressing the emotions.

"A year after my mother died, my father filled out a room, Wang. In the first few months, she performed very well, and she got out of the hall, got the kitchen, and waited for people to be angry and not to beat others. It was very good for me. My father was very happy and said that he had found a good woman... I thought that I had a mother-like person and gradually came out of the grief of losing my mother. But who knows... no For too long, her nature was revealed! My father used to go out because of the business of Mipu. When he was away from home for more than half a month, Wang was managing the family when his father was not at home. At that time, I discovered that she was Everything I did before was done to my father! She always yelled at my father when she was not at home, and beat me again and again... and in order to fear that I would complain to my father, I also chose to be my father. I was beaten for a few days, so when my father came back, the wounds that she had beaten were all healed, and I couldn't see it. I didn't have any real evidence, and I didn't dare to say anything to my father, afraid that she would bite me. a bite..."

Lan Qin Yu stood up in anger and swelled.

"This woman is really sinister! Vicious! Damn! Rotten woman!" Child abuse! Damn it!

Qing Xun pressed the out-of-control Qin Yu back to her seat. "Xiao Yu, calm down, continue listening to him."

"You continue to say!" Hearing such a horrible thing, what is the mood to eat candied, and ... just because the strength of the hand is too big, she was pinched by her, and thrown directly onto the table.

Qing xun for the right, continued to listen, after listening to the good decision how to punish the vicious woman! The vicious queen in the typical Snow White!

"About 4 months ago, Er Niang was diagnosed with pregnancy, my father was very happy, and she became better and more considerate than before. And she took advantage of my father's love for her and over-emphasized me. I have been looking for my troubles. In the past, she only tortured me with her father. But since she was pregnant with a strict family, she began to frame me unscrupulously! She accidentally smashed something, she blamed my head. Come up, there are times... She deliberately said that I pushed her and complained to my father! I was scolded by my father, and my father said that I don't want to happen again in the future, otherwise I will never spare me. ......"

"Damn! That bitch that will definitely grab this rare opportunity, wantonly framed you, sir!"

Yan Qian nodded. "Yes, at noon 10 days ago, she deliberately asked me for trouble. This time she even took the position of my mother. When the father was not at home, she said that my mother's tablet was placed. The house is very suffocating, occupying the place, throwing it! I was really angry at the time, I wanted to take my mother's card back from her hand, so I was really anxious to push her. My father happened to be there. Going home to the books, I saw..."

Too much back! But... If she is, let alone push, I guess I will kill the dead woman! Then the sinister, but also want to grab the spiritual position of the mother, people must point to conscience! Is it not good to accumulate points?

No wonder he dreamed of "returning my mother to me". It turned out to be the card position. It is also ah... the mother is gone, the card is equal to the mother, the ranking is robbed, but it means that her mother is being Did you grab it?

"My father saw me push her. I didn't have any room to refute. I was slapped by my father. My father shouted to me. "I don't want to see you again, give me a roll!" Just like this... I was rushed out of the Yan family..."

At the end of the day, I couldn't make a sound, my hand touched my left cheek, and I shed tears. He was beaten by the left face. Hey... It's pathetic!

However, you can't always cry like this, ... It's also a boy, so easy to cry, be bullied, don't know how to resist, you know that you will accept it! stupid! Isn't this the age of prostitutes, but also afraid of her a woman? If you are a 14-year-old boy, you can already get married in ancient times. It's half an adult!

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