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I finally left the room when the sun began to set. I had heard the front door close a few minutes before, and I was almost certain that the house was empty. I was still very far from forgiving Laurent. His words were unpardoning, but it did not mean I would give up on my plan tonight. The difference was that tonight, I would not risk my life for Laurent. I would do it for Sarah, who did not deserve to be mixed in my problems. I would do it for myself, because I was never the kind of person to let others fight their battles, and because I was a strong woman. Thomas might be powerful, but if his goal was to murder me, I would not go down without the best fight I could give. If I had to die tonight, then I would die at least knowing that I never gave up.


I took my backpack from the closet and filled it with random amenities, like my wallet, a change of clothes, granola bars, and most importantly, the hunting knife Joanne had insisted that I brought with me. I had not even shifted in a werewolf again since my first transformation, so my animalistic form was not going to help me defend myself. Furthermore, the knife was special in itself; indeed, it was made of silver. Laurent had explained to me that although silver was not deadly to shapeshifters like the myths implied, it slowed our healing process considerably.


I put my backpack under the bed frame of my former bedroom, so it would be ready when I would leave. Then, I headed downstairs searched for something very crucial to my plan: car keys. Luckily for me, Laurent had kept his mother's car in the garage, although he never used it. I would steal it to meet Thomas, the place he had suggested being at about 15 minutes of driving away from here, according to Google Maps.


I found the keys in a pot in the kitchen and put them in the backpack with the rest. Everything was set, I only had to wait for around 11h30. Until then, I had to pretend like it was a normal night if I did not want Laurent to suspect something. So, I went to the kitchen and made myself an omelet, not caring to make enough for him. I was not going to make him dinner after what he had told me. While I was eating, I noticed a black wolf through the window, and few seconds later, a naked Laurent entered the house.


He walked to the living room and grabbed the clothes he had left on the sofa cover himself. I forced myself, with great difficulty, not to stare at him. I did not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing the effects he had on me. Still, I took a quick peek, analyzing his body and wondering if it was the last time I would see it. Once he was dressed, Laurent walked in the kitchen in silence, ignoring me. I hated the tensed atmosphere, it was the last thing I needed, especially tonight.


''I went on a run'', he suddenly said while rummaging through the fridge's content.


I almost jumped in surprise when he broke the heavy silence. I did not understand why he was talking to me suddenly.


''Yeah, I figured'', I answered coldly.


''Have you tried running in your wolf form before?'' he asked in the same impassive tone.


''No'', I responded simply.


He took a deep breath, and I could sense his patience was low.


''Maybe I can train you tonight'', he suggested with a tight jaw.


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