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Laurent had been silent for the last hour. He had locked himself in his office, claiming he had pack work to do, but I did not believe him. I thought that now we had mated, the next two days would be spent in a loving, opened atmosphere, but I was wrong. I was laying on the bed, thinking of a possible reason he could be angry at me, but I honestly had no idea. I did not force him to do anything, he had initiated it himself, but I still felt like he regretted having sex with me. I shook the thought, feeling useless sadness at he idea that I did not please him correctly.

I sighed and stood up, walking downstairs to maybe hang out with Anna, since she did not usually work on Mondays. I took my phone on the kitchen table to text her, but I already had a message.

Can't wait for our meeting, my dear. You'll see how great of a team we could be.

I grinded my teeth, annoyed by the fact that Thomas kept sending me creepy messages. Maybe he was suspicious that I would chicken out? Sure, I had had second thoughts about my plan, but my decision was made. There was no way I was going to let Laurent die for me because of a vision. The future was constantly changing, and I would force it to change for the better in his case.

The ideal denouement would be to make Thomas trust me first, so that I could find an easy way to end him and have my happy ever-after with Laurent. The worst scenario would be that we all end up dead, including my mothers and Sarah. Therefore, I had to make smart choices to avoid a tragedy, and Laurent's plan did not seem smart to me. He was thinking like he had already lost, but we had to at least try. I knew he did not want to put me in any kind of danger, but that was the mate bond speaking and not the alpha in him. He had planned to use me as a bait before, and it was already a much better idea than fighting Thomas in a battle that we already knew the ending.

I met Anna at her house half an hour later. The weather was too horrible to do anything outside, so we would watch a girly movie together at her place. I opened the door and headed to the living room, Anna greeting me with her usual warm smiles. Her face suddenly fell as she took a whiff of air, astonishment filling her traits. I raised my eyebrows and stared at my clothes, wondering if I looked strange or anything.

''You mated?'' she exclaimed in disbelief, making me blush profusely.

''How do you know that?'' I asked, frowning.

''His scent his all over yours'', she explained, still in shock. ''That's what happen when the mating bond is completed.''

I wanted to be buried in the ground. I did not like to share my sexual life with anyone, but now the whole pack would know we had sex because of my scent? I had still so much to learn about the mate bond.

''Ugh, I wish I had known about all of this before'', I complained, plopping myself down on the sofa.

Anna sat beside me, still wearing curiosity on her face. He long black hair was put in a French braid, and she looked beautiful like always.

''So, I can deduct that things are going better between Laurent and you?'' she trailed off, still quizzical.

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