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Warning : sexual content


''Don't you have to go to work?'' I asked Laurent while heading back to the kitchen, all fresh and dressed.

Laurent was still in grey jogging pants and a dark blue t-shirt. I thought that maybe he would have left while I was in the shower, since it was his usual time to go to work. He shrugged at my question, wearing a puzzled expression on his face.

''I quit'', he simply answered. ''Anna will take my place as CEO in a few years, when she will have gained more experience. She'll be a lot better than I was at the job. Until then, a trustworthy colleague will take my place.''

''Why did you quit?'' I wondered worriedly, sensing that he was tenser than earlier.

He had no idea that I was leaving Wednesday night. He was not aware of how I was making sure he would live. I did not want him to give up on his life because he thought it was over.

''I don't want to spend my last days on earth working'', he let out gruffly.

''Don't say that'', I demanded, my heart clenching at his words.

Laurent stood up and walked slowly behind me. I sensed his hands touching my shoulders gently before he began massaging them delicately, making me moan at the feeling. His touch had a crazy effect on me. It was the first time that Laurent made the first steps and touched me willingly, without me having to seduce him beforehand.

''Okay, truth is'', he whispered sensually, touching my neck with soft lips. ''I changed my mind. I want to fully enjoy every minute I have left with my mate.''

''Okay'', I breathed out, feeling hazy from the pleasure of his kisses on my neck.

I was not used to not being in control sexually, but I realized that sometimes, letting go could be quite a delight. I felt his stubble rub against my neck sexily. He was acting different, as if there were no more boundaries between us.

''And I want to show my mate how better it feels to be touched by a real, grown man'', he said huskily in a possessive tone.

His fingers began caressing my thighs, going higher and higher. I remained frozen, completely distracted by how turned on he was making me. I guessed I was getting a taste of my own medicine.

Noticing my inability to move, Laurent grabbed me by thighs and arms and raised me until I was sat right on the kitchen table, now facing him. His eyes were incredibly dark, and he wore a lusty smirk on his plump lips. He knew I was totally fazed by him, and he was cocky about it. He stood right between my open legs, as he caressed lightly my arms and thighs, breathing on my lips.

''Not so talkative anymore, are we?'' he teased hoarsely.

I squinted my eyes defiantly at him, not appreciating to be made fun of. I was going to fight to get my control back, and I knew exactly how. I removed my shirt in a second, almost ripping off my black lace bralette at the same time. My chest was now entirely exposed to his hungry gaze, and it worked as a great distraction.

I found Laurent's new initiatives startling, but very satisfying too. I knew my desire was to live in the moment and be with him like there was no tomorrow. Well, there were only few tomorrows left anyway. However, he had been convinced that the further we remained away from each other, the easiest it would be after. Now, he seemed to finally share my view on our relationship, and it made me ecstatic.

Laurent removed his shirt too, his muscle rippling alluringly before my eyes. He then proceeded to make my jeans disappear, leaving me wearing only my thong, which was as revealing as it could be. Was it finally going to happen? I grew excited at the thought.

''I want you, Laurent'', I breathed out as he palmed my breasts and claimed my lips passionately.

Laurent's skillful fingers creeped under my thong and began massaging my folds in a way that made me moan loudly. I had never felt such an intense pleasure from simple stimulation, and it only increased my lust for him. Laurent started circling my center softly, then fast and harder. My moans were multiplying while he kept staring at me in a mix of awe and cockiness.

A minute later, I came on his hand, shaking furiously. I had never had such a quick orgasm, but Laurent did not stop there. He took me back in his arms, my legs snaking around his waist and my arms holding his neck, and he brought me upstairs to our bedroom, not stopping his rubbing fingers once. He laid me on the bed and straddled me, watching my pink center quiver under his touch. I came a second time, moaning in delight, and then he finally gave me a break. He took my hand and put it on his hard erection covered by his jogging pants.

''How much do you want it, Jade?'' he asked me throatily, kissing my cheek and jaw.

''Please, Laurent!'' I demanded impatiently, hoping he would not torture me by stopping there.

I tugged at his pants and he helped me remove them, revealing his bare body to me. His erection sprung up, looking painfully aroused. I grabbed him by his butt to lead him to my entrance, my heart beating wildly. It was truly happening!

He slowly inserted himself into me, his size combined with my chastity of the last months made my walls stretch out painfully, but I rapidly forgot the pain, too overwhelmed by the intense pleasure of sealing the mate bond. I kept moaning as he moved at an increasing pace, while he kept more discreet and let out low grunts from time to time.

''Fuck, yes'', I groaned, encouraging him to continue. ''Laurent, it feels so good.''

He glanced at me with an ounce of guiltiness in his silver eyes, before it vanished, and he lost himself in the pleasure too. We went on for a while, switching in the bed occasionally, each position feeling even more amazing than the last one. It was the best sex I ever had in my life, the kind of sex I wished I could have everyday.

''Shit, I'm coming'', Laurent growled while sprinting to the end.

He filled me with his seeds, moaning lowly, andslowly diminished his movements until we stopped completely, both pantingharshly. I felt a tight knot in my stomach, and the forceful emotions thatrushed to me in that instant almost made me tear up. Our eyes were locked, hisexpression telling me he was sharing my sensations, and somehow, I knew it wasthe mate bond finalizing itself. We were now bound to each other infinitely.

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