015 Beggars (2)

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On the bed, 'small beggar' sleeps very uneasy, always saying some heart-rending dreams from time to time.

"Don't... no, don't, don't hit me... no..."

Qing Xun and the doctor went to take medicine, and Qin Yu sat on the edge of the bed, helping him to sweat, and some distressedly helped him to smooth the brows that had been tied together.

This child is only 14 or 15 years old. He has suffered a lot from listening to his dreams.

'Little beggar' did not open his eyes, but his hands were swaying in the air, like what he was going to grab from someone.

"No, don't still... give it back to me, give it back... give me my mother, give it back to me... give it back, I..."

Lan Qin Yu wants to help him wipe his sweat, stop in the air, what is this world, and even the robbery? There is no justice!

"Lan Girl, how do you plan to settle this little brother?" Ruoyun said that he would bring the boy back first because he saw his physical condition is not good, and the next thing was really not thought about.

  Qin Yu didn't speak.

When I was in the palace, I always felt that I had worn a good time. The emperor was good. The queen was not the typical type of smashing on TV. Even she thought it would be a bad horny queen, so amiable. Although Feng Jilin is one of the few thorns, it has now pulled the thorns out, and nothing harms.

I really couldn't think of it. After I went out of the palace, I met the two things that happened to be inconsistent. First, I met a confused house in Yanting. I accidentally saved the beautiful boy. The beautiful boy can be handsome! Then I met another lady named Feng, who robbed the beautiful man and became a husband. They all looked at themselves as officials, and felt great, foxes and tigers!

It's been out for 10 days, and I've encountered something bad. There's nothing particularly happy about it. It's rare to meet such a rare guy like Yue Ruoyun today, and I've met this thing!

One or two things can be seen from the dreams of 'Little beggar', and one thousand is a bad thing! I don't care about bad things. She understands this truth. Who will eat and support the whole body?

Her brain is short-circuited, her brain is funny, she is the one who is full! Curiosity has been picked up and can no longer be higher.

What happened to this 'small beggar'? Who wants to beat him? Why do you want to return the mother to him? Someone robbed his mother? Is it a man like a bully? What did he just waved to grab back is his mother?

A lot of problems, hovering in the mind of Lan Qin Yu, hovering again, and the problem is accumulating, the head is starting to swell. confused......

Why is her curiosity so heavy? If you haven't met this 'small beggar', maybe they have already gone to eat the rice shop that Ruoyun just said is delicious. Maybe they have finished eating good food and ready for luggage, and they plan to go to the distant country tomorrow. !

Now it's good, things don't have to be eaten, and the face on this bed is still very hot. People who have not recovered their consciousness will know that they will not be able to walk for a while. Fortunately, I am afraid that only... Fortunately, 'Little beggar' was discovered by them and promptly treated, but the doctor said... The situation was very serious just now, any later, it was really dangerous.

Just say, a cold and a fever is also a dead person! Remember!  Especially in the ancient times when the level of science and technology is backward, there is no special effect cold medicine with strong efficacy. Only you have to drink for a few days, and slowly adjust the body's suffering.

She didn't want to drink that disgusting medicine anymore! Hey......

If Yun asked her, how can I settle this little brother? How to settle? She also wants to know! Who will tell her!

"I don't know about this kind of thing. I will save him when he comes back, but what to do next, I don't know. It's also affirmative. He hasn't recovered consciousness yet. We have no way of knowing about him. Why do you sleep on the streets?" Why do you not want to hit him? There are many problems. In a word, it is very troublesome! But the trouble is troublesome, and everything will wait until his illness improves."

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