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"Then, what fun is in moon?" In the eyes of Qin Yu, Fuyang is also good, tea is also very good, people are also very fun, such as the name of Feng, and handsome guys can see, such as Yun Ruoyun.

Lan Qin Yu turned to think about it. Yue Ruoyun is a person from the distant country. It should not be regarded as a special product of Xiangyang. Maybe it is the same as Qingfeng, and the 'special product' is a handsome guy!

Qing Xun has been silently watching them asking questions and answering questions. He is very familiar with the situation. She wants to go to it. He doesn't know what to say. He doesn't want to go there. He always feel that he has a lot of things. He just want to go to the side of the weapon. Turn, and then, polish the sword you wear.

Yue Ruoyun did not care much about Qing Xun's actions and continued to answer Qin Yu's question.

"There are a lot of fun things in the moon. Because it is the relationship of the capital, the merchants from all over the country will go to the moon to do business. Juggling is also the leading juggling group in China. Such as snacks, gadgets, like delicate and beautiful Zhu Xi, chic and compact. The sachets, as long as you want them, can be found in the moon. Every month, there may not be other places, but there are other places, the moon is absolutely not lacking, and some are also the best. ."

It's a local person who knows the local things so thoroughly. If Ruoyun can make a lot of money if you go to be a tour guide, you can attract other girls if you look like a crown jade! At that time she must be ranked number one! Qin Yu rubbed the saliva that was rubbed to the mouth and said: "I was finished by you, I suddenly felt that Fuyang was very incompetent..."

What tea, man, I don't think it's attracting her.

If Yun ruoyun shakes his head, "Xiangyang also has the advantage of Fuyang. There are a lot of rice merchants here. The competition in rice business is also very strong. Because of this, the rice here tastes good and the more competitive, they want to produce more. The idea of good rice will be stronger. The people who can eat the good food in the mouth are the best places here. If you don't taste the rice here, you will come once."

He will stay here, but also want to eat a meal that even the distant kings of the country have praised the delicious rice.

After Yue Ruoyun finished, he did not get a response from Lan Qin Yu, which was a bit strange.

"Lan girl?"

  QinYu is staring intently at the corner next to him, and some questions are asked: "If Yun, why are you so handsome here? Even the beggars are so beautiful?"

beggar? But are you wearing satin? Dirty is dirty, but is it satin? That's not awkward, why don't you smash the corner? Still shrinking into a group...

Not too good.

  Ruoyun also thought it was  strange, go over and check the situation.

"Hey, little brother, are you okay?"

  Ruoyun turned over the body of  the beggar, it was discovered that this person had a high fever, his body was very hot, and his face was burnt red. This is not burning for two days!

It's hot! A fever may also be dead, and Qin Yu actually went to a bad place.

"Ruoyun, fast, bring him back to the inn."

Ruoyun ,was ready to pick up the beggar, when Qingxun inserted in this time.

"Let me come, just don't bother you." Qing Xun said very politely, and when he got up, he hurried to the inn, and Yue Ruoyun did not say anything, and Qin Yu followed closely.


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