New Kid

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(Y/N) was new to U.A It was his first day, he was super nervous, he didn't know how his classmates would treat him if they found out he was gay,


You woke up to your alarm beeping loudly, he turned off, you got up from bed and put on your school uniform. You headed downstairs to your kitchen, you got cereal because it was the only thing you knew how to make. The entire time you had this weird feeling in your body. After eating you checked you backpack to make sure you had everything you needed, thankfully you did. You bot your stuff and headed out the door. Once you got to U.A you noticed a green hairs boy, it looked like he was stuck in time, he was about to fall but was saved by a brown haired girl. You got to class and sat down at your desk which was at the back of the class. 'Let's hope I have a good day' you thought to yourself. You say next to a red and white haired boy, he seemed very calm, "today we have a new student" your teacher aizawa said I a very tired tone, he looked at you "well are you going to present yourself or what?" He asked "u-uh yes" you said getting and walking to the front of the class, "I-I'm (Y/N) (L/N)" you did fiddling with your fingers, you looked up and saw mostly everyone smiled at you "m-my quirk is water manipulation" you said before quickly going to you backpack and grabbing   A water bottle, you ran back to the front of the class, you received a few chuckles from your classmates, you put the water bottle on the ground in front of you, you waved you finger upwards and the top flew off, you waved your finger in the air and the water flew in the air following your finger, you put your hand out and the water became a ball and landed on your hand and soon fell back into the water bottle like a water fall from your hand "woah!" Said some students in awe a bell rang, almost as soon as it did everyone rushed over to your seat, they asked questions like "wanna hang out?!" Or "wanna go out?" You noticed the "wanna go out" questions came from girls all the questions stopped when a ash blond male came to the front of them " you better not get in my way, or else" he threatened. Later another male came up to you, he had spiky red hair and a bright smile "Hey! I'm kirishima!" He said said slightly loudly "if you wanna hang out just ask!" He said "s-sure" you said slightly blushing, but what caught your eye was the red and white haired male, he stared at you, he quickly looked away once you looked at him, he blushed slightly as he looked the other way. "What else can you do with your quirk ?" Asked the same brown haired girl from earlier "I-" you were about to speak before a male with glasses interrupted "give (Y/N) some space!" He demanded before the rest of the class barely backed away. The bell rang again. After all your classes you began walking home, the brown haired girl from earlier ran to you "(Y/N!" She said cheerfully as the green haired boy from earlier followed along with the male with glasses "I'm uraraka" she said with a big smile "this is deku" she said pointing at the green haired male "h-hello (L/N)-kun" he said "please, call me (Y/N)" you said smiling at him "o-okay" he said "and this is lida" uraraka said pointing at the male with glasses "greetings  (Y/N)" he said bowing "nice to meet you guys" you said as you began walking down your street "looks like we all go the same way" uraraka said. You all had a conversation about random things

Todoroki POV
'Damn it I was too late' he thought as he watched (Y/N) walk off with uraraka and lida. "I should've came earlier"

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