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Y/n. Pov

I have been working all day and my boss said i could go home early thank god - i havent seen shawn in 6 month as you know tour. I jumped in my car driving to his house im going to surprise him.

I called at starbucks and brought him muffins and a coffe.i continued my journey to shawns house - i pull up out side shawns house seing his jeep sat on his drive way.

I pull up getting all ecited to see my boyfriend i walk to his door seeing its locked -i grabbed the key from my pocket and unlocked it, i walked into the room and saw no sign of him i searched the rest but didnt find him.

I made my way upstairs*squeak squeak * wtf is that noise i followed it to see it was coming from the bedroom- "fuck faster come on babe" i heard shawn moan "shawnn..." i heard a girls voice screech.

I stormed in to see camila and shawn " why shawn did our 9 year relationship mean nothing to you" i shout, camila grabed her clothes and got dressed she was about to walk past me but i slaped and punched her in the face "your a dirty little slut" i spat in her face.

"Y/n was there any need for that" shawn spoke up. You grabbed his muffin and coffe smiling at him "i brought you this babe " i walked over to the bed i leant to give him a kiss i went to his ear and whispered "we are over you douch " i took the lid of the coffe spilling it all over him-i lobed all the muffins at the wall.

"Dont ever even lay one eye on me because i swear your disgusting " i shout before stomming
Hey sorry its short i did this at 3 in the morning nooo joke sooo part 2 or not ?????? Ly guys~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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