Insurrection Entry

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Dear Freshman Fifteens,

I am entering my short story, INSURRECTION, to your Common Room Teen Mentoring Contest. INSURRECTION is a YA action fantasy about a Princess who is running from her father's army. It is 2,712 words.

Pitch:On the run from her father's army, Raksana is apprehended by her country's most feared group of rebels. Their leader, Nate, isn't sure what to make of Princess Raksana. She's sharp tongued and cunning. He was prepared to kill her, not befriend her. If they are able to put away their weapons long enough, they will discover that neither of them really know what they are fighting for. Both must find their own answers soon because Raksana's father is coming for her. After all who said fairy tales had to have happy endings?

First paragraph: My eyelids flutter under blinding lights. The back of my head aches, and my brain pounds against my skull. I'd open my eyes if not for the fact that I know I'm already dead. "Who are you?" a young, timid voice asks. I didn't think God's voice sounded like that, nor the angels'. Then again, maybe I'm in Hell. I force myself to open my eyes. A round ring of blurry light shines against my pupils. Soon the light dims and I can somewhat make out that the source is a flashlight. I never really pictured God with a flashlight.

Bio: After reading and fangirling over enough books that her friends and family wanted her to be quiet, Mikaela decided to write one of her own. She recently completed her third novel.

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