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"I think you are very interesting and very special, so I want to get to know you."

Silence, silence again.

The idea of being really jokes by her, guessed...

However, it is okay! Anyway, knowing a handsome guy will not have any disadvantages! haha!

"My name is Lan Qin Yu. You just said what is your name?" I just wanted to think about Anyun. I just remember that he seems to be called a Yun. What looks like a good name, what is it? Why can't you think of it?

Yue Ruoyun re-introduced himself and said: "Yue Ruoyun, a person from the distant country."

Yaoyue country? Isn't that just right?

Since he has self-reported his family, should she also be polite? Where is she from? For a moment, is it the person of the Qing Dynasty?

"I am a person from the Qingfeng Dynasty. I am planning to go to the moon to play. Are you coming to the wind to play?"

"I have been out of the moon for more than two months, so I am now ready to go back."

It turned out to be preparing to go back... Hey.

The feeling of being teased has long since disappeared. Qin Yu has always been a kind of person who is familiar with herself. Once she feels that this person is worthy of getting acquainted, she naturally thinks of him as an old friend, and she has no sense of life.

Usually, this kind of human face is very thick, it will be so easy to get along with people just to prevent it. If there are any difficulties in the future, find these new friends to help! In a word, for the benefit of the future!

Yue Ruoyun is obviously dressed in the finest clothes. It doesn't need to be said to look good. You can see the extravagance that you can see at a glance. This person must be a man with a foundation.

Is it estimated that it is out? Dressed a little more ordinary, pretending to be the royal family of the common people. Anyway, it's not a big businessman with money, it's a royal family, it's a very useful person!

  Qin Yu is very sinisterly snickering in the back. Today, I met a diamond king, and I must take good care of it. If it is possible... It is best to go along with this road. By the way, all the tolls will come to him. Wow. Hahaha!

  Qin Yu took a picture of Ruoyun and laughed: "I was really shocked by you. I thought I really met a GAY!"

She actually wants to have a look, especially the kind of beauty, but not to talk to myself! If you are planning to do it yourself, then you must stay away. If someone else's relationship is like that... then she must be agitated... No, it's a good match...

Yue Ruoyun heard the words but didn't understand it, and couldn't help but ask Qin Yu.

Just now you have said what to give, what does it mean? "

Mom, this is to teach bad kids! Can't talk nonsense! Lan Qin Yu pretending to be a model, did not answer.

  Yun Ruoyun is like an addiction, she just teased him and said nothing, but now she doesn't care about him licking her soft hair, and a big hand is moving without hesitation.

"Hey, hello! Don't mess with my hair, image! The image is important, don't undermine my perfect public lover image."

Yue Ruoyun is very clever to ignore the phrase 'popular lover'. There are always some strange words in the mouth of Lan Yuyu. It seems impossible to understand all of them, and... it doesn't seem to be a good thing. ?

"You are very convincing. You are not playing with a man on the street yourself?" But now she came to tell him, image?

  Qin Yu pouted, "That's just fun, it won't be like, and I don't have any tolerance now. No one knows that I am just a person."

How did she feel that she had not seen an hour since she met Yun Ruoyun? Now, it seems that she has completely changed her personality. There is no way to tease him. There is no way to refute him. Sure enough, because of his face, gave her a lot of influence.

"Xiao Yu?"

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