011 Ruoyun (2)

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Instead of letting go, Yue Ruoyun deliberately hugged and then licked her hair.

"I think it's so good now, and... don't you think I'm better than that man?"

Which man?

"Are you not with another man? You see, I don't have to be worse than him, it's better... How about you?"

With the urge to laugh out, Yue Ruoyun continued to laugh.

  Qin Yu was overheed by his voice, and she got a goose bump and hurriedly released her hand and stayed away!

"Damn! I don't engage in Gay!" She is a woman, don't treat her as a man!

"What give?"

When Qin Yu encountered such a thing, she was really dizzy. When she forgot a very important thing, she said, "I am a woman!"

Yue Ruoyun suddenly laughed and made a fuss, how could this person be like a moment, what is it playing?

Isn't that a mental problem? That would be a waste of such an excellent appearance! Very good!

"I know that you are a woman, my eyes are no problem, obviously... you are a woman."

  Yun Ruoyun pointed her cheek, it implies that she forgot one thing.

  Qin Yu touched her face, her hands went stiff, there was no skin...

Misunderstanding, not that she has no skin, she forgot that the fake skin has been packed, she is now her own face... by! Was played!

The mood is very complicated, and Lan Qin Yu who usually likes to tease others is actually being played because of such stupid things... The mood is really complicated!

She would like to say that this hatred is not a non-gentleman, but...is she not a gentleman? Just being played! Zi er , they are not often brushed by her, in fact, do not care so much, right? This is logically the case! Ok!

While constantly convincing myself, I sneaked into the moon from time to time.

Most of all, she didn't want to care about him because his face, in the strange dynasty, saw a face he once knew, and it was very happy. Although I know that Yue Ruoyun is not the person she knows, she still feels very kind, compared to An Yun... It's a fact that Yue Ruoyun is more handsome, that is, some places feel like God at first glance.

Yue Ruoyun wore a light blue dress with a gentle smile on his face. The laughter just happened was just a coincidence. It was purely coincidental. In the past, Ruoyun was actually a gentle and beautiful man!

Deep and charming eyes, Ying Ting's nose, thin color lips, bursting sexy!

This is not the typical perfect lover shape of modern times! Hey! Another long-stricken pot of the country! Really commit a sin! Why is this era so rich in handsome guys? Do not understand, really cannot understand! Why has she never seen so many handsome guys before? Unbalanced, very unbalanced!

Fortunately, in the past six months, I have opened my eyes and it's worth it! The handsome guys you see in light are countless, well dressed and well dressed!

Being played, still so happy, she is also brain-dead...

Forget it, I don't care about him this time. Just when... She dreamed that she was being played. In fact, she was not being played, not being played!

Self hypnosis is over!

"You have been following us since now?" Is there only one possibility? Otherwise, how would you know that she was with Qingxun, and thought how they were doing.

If they were not being followed, it is even more impossible for her to recognize the original appearance.

"Not bad." Ruoyun admitted.

"Is it from the beginning?" Watched the whole woman who teased the dead woman named Feng?

"From the time you were pointed to by Miss Feng Jia, 'I'm going to fix it', and then you sang in the teahouse, I've been there all the time."

It may be a coincidence to see her teasing people on the street. He saw her singing in the tea house. It was barely an accident. Then he saved her? Can't be explained again as unexpectedly? There are so many coincidences in this world, encounters!

"Why follow us?"

Revenge? Unlike, revenge will not save her, she does not seem to know him, the possibility of revenge is very low.

Debt collection? Impossible, she did not owe money, Qing Xun seems to be in the palace before, but there is no reason to borrow money, this is also PASS!

Could it be... because I admire her, so secretly follow her? Hey... how could it be! Hey......

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