A hero in his eyes

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Anyway new minicat story whoohoo! The pic above is what Tyler looks like he's a American Staffordshire Terrier . Enjoy~
Now onto the prologue.


Tyler's pov

I race away as a group of kids throw fireworks at me. They explode in a eruption of fire and colors. The heat makes me tremble and I trip, slipping over my paws and hitting the wall of a building.

I had run down an alleyway that led to a large dog park in where I might be able to find protection with other dogs and dog owners.

The boys throw a can at me and Someone shouts as I race away. I stop and pant, padding over to a water fountain.

Humans can make some of the handiest things.

I press down on the water button and lap up some of the flowing water. I step back and stretch, yawning loudly. I use my hind leg and scratch at my neck before getting back to my feet and walking towards a tree. I sit and watch the people and dogs come and go.

I watch as a couple with an old cocker spaniel walk bye. The two males holding hands, One had glasses the other gripped the dogs leash. The guy with the glasses looks at me and smiles at what the taller said.

They turned and left the park, continuing to talk and laugh. I huff and lay my head down only to jolt back up at the sound of gunshots. The people in the park scatter, rubbing away with their pets to flee the danger.

The sound came the way the couple went. I jump to my feet and race in the direction.

Craig's pov.

Me Brian and joe walked out of the park, heading towards our car.

"Love you Brian." I state happily and he lifts up our intertwined hands and kisses my knuckles. I blush and laugh.

"Fags!"someone shouts and me and Brian stop, turning to look at who shouted.

"Watch it buddy." I growl, lifting my shirt up and showing my badge which was on my hip.

"Oh look I'm scared of the faggy cop." The guy hisses, his friends laughing.

"We want no trouble." Brian states, glancing at me. I nod and we go to walk.

We don't get far before Brian stops dead in his tracks. Joe turns and growls.

I glance behind us and the guy that yelled now had a gun pressed to Brian's back. My hand twitches. I left my firearm at home, but I still had my taser.

"Look at the big scary cops now." The guy states, one of his friends had left the other still with him and was grinning like an ass.

"We want no trouble." I state, squeezing Brian's hand before releasing. My taser was on my left side.

Joe growls before lunging at the man.

"Joe!" I shout but it's to late. The gun is moved away from Brian and gets poured at the dog.

With a loud bang the dog flies back, a whimper escaping him before he stills.

"You bastard!" Brian shouts as my throat closes. That dog was with us for ten years. We turned to face him now.

"Hand over your wallets or Irish bitch is next." The guy states, placing the gun between Brian's eyes.

"Ok just... just lower the gun." I state and he does trailing it down to Brian's chest. I pull my wallet out and hand it to him. The guy behind smirks and shoved the one with a gun.

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