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  Qin Yu intends to let Qing find a place that is a quarter of an hour away from here, help her buy a dumpling, and hang out on the street.

I blame the song, the tone is very good, it is too sad, the word is also written in a desolate, hurting her now feels depressed, very blocked! Her heart is not really good, if the mood is too intense, it will be a pain. I once had a big fight with her dad, and I fainted when I didn't leave the house...

After that, the family no longer had a very angry argument with her, and now it is good! For a song, I began to feel bored, this is a precursor to the halo! Be careful and be careful! Soothe your mood!

Mainly to divert attention! Divert attention......

Um... I will observe the pedestrians and the streets first! I didn't have fun in Yanting. I don't have to leave in Fuyang. I'll take a look at it while I'm at it!

It's still a good place in this ancient place. There aren't many people who have more cars. If it's not the last time she was anxious to find a car to run, like now, I feel that no cars is very good!

Don't pay attention to the streets on both sides of the aisle, how to stroll when you want to stroll! My game, my turf, my rules! Haha!

Sometimes, too proud to be blinded by God! There is nothing wrong with this sentence!

This is because of the trouble in front of a scholar to solve the problem, but also help a singer girl to smack and smug Lan Qin Yu, is the unlucky one who was blinded by God!

Who said that there are fewer vehicles here? Who said it just now!

Pull out and feed the dog!

  Qin Yu looked at the stalls on the side of the road, and the idea that there were few vehicles here was very positive, so the uncontrolled carriages hit her and they did not respond.

"Ah! The girl over there! Be careful!"

"Be careful--"

Ah? What is with the noise?

Suddenly her body flew up without any warning. Lan Qin Yu was completely covered. The surrounding environment turned very fast. There were many stars in front of her. She was not a bird. How could she fly?

Is she daydreaming?

The body gently landed on the ground again, and Qin Yu still came back to God. The officials were all shocked!

It's a good risk, it's got a little worse and it's hit, but fortunately someone has saved it! Just now is a beautiful picture, handsome man and woman, fluttering clothes, look at each other, look at the money...

In fact, the fact is that Qin Yu's eyes are in front of Venus, and someone who is a hero is as shocked as those who look at the official! Fortunately he promptly pulled her up.

"Are you okay?"

When he saw her and another person playing with Miss Feng, he always followed them. The first time was because it was interesting. The second time I listened to her song in the tea house, it was amazing. She has a faint sorrow on her body, but she is  concealed it with her cheerfulness, which makes him more interested.

Just... she should still pay more attention to the surroundings when she walks...

"An Yun?"

This person in front of me is... An Yun?

Yue Ruoyun flashed a trace of doubts in his eyes, and quickly disguised it. He smiled and replied: "I am called Yue Ruoyun, are you okay? You were almost hit by a carriage."

Not... An Yun, Yue Ruoyun?

  QinYu is not very embarrassed to hoe, wrong, right! How can Anyun be here...

The brain is really funny!


"Well, is it trouble to take your hand off?" She was very grateful to save her, but don't have to keep holding her up? This is being molested!

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