009 Singing (2)

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Lan Qin Yu frowned, and when she saw the singing girl nervously holding the next old man, she dared not come out, obviously the market! The spectators also looked out, and some waited for a long time to start complaining.

"What are you doing, you can't sing yet! Yeah is here for an hour!"

"Yes! The little girl is going to sing a few words to the Lord!"

The little girl was so scared by their shouting flowers, and even dared not sing!

Lan QinYu finally couldn't stand it, went up, calmed down the little girl, and cleared her throat.

"What are you shouting! Is it great to be a big girl! You can't watch people nervously!" They reminded me, not more nervous! Will not move your mind!

"We are here to listen to the song, this girl does not sing, we are not waiting for it! What kind of songs are still sung!" shouted a big man sitting in front.

If you listen to the music, you will not be nervous about the girl! For the first time, it will definitely be nervous! Be clear and calm down, encourage you to listen!

"This lady, see you are also good, wear is not bad, should you sing? Since you want to help the girl to sing, it is better for you to sing!"

Let the Princesssing to them? It's just dreaming! Qing xun wanted to stop, but... he saw Xiaoyu's confident and very interested look, sighed and sat down honestly.

Sing, sing, she can still be afraid of them! Tea is also drunk, and throat(voice) is so good now that there is no place to play it!

"Don't you just want to listen to the song? Miss, I will sing to you!"

Ancient songs can't sing, isn't it a modern song? There aren't many beautiful and beautiful songs in the costume drama series!

The people in the audience slowly calm down. Anyway, they all come to relax. No matter who sings, some listen to it.

Lan Qin Yu waited until there was no sound under the stage. She turned and said to the old man who was pulling the erhu: "Da, if you can, please wait for me to follow my tunes."

Dare to pull the erhu here, should you have this ability?

Sure enough, the old man definitely nodded, and Qin Yu began to sing first.

...... ......

Every inch of sight, staggered into silent segments

There is still a sadness in this life.

Just because of the rush, the light will be exiled with youth.

Look at the mountains and rivers outside the city, have been forgotten by you

The eyes that met at that time completely cooled me.

The so-called old days, is a juvenile look

In the world of enchanting, I will fly short of you and me.

In the end, I saw the tears in each other's eyes.

Two and two sides (the beginning of the accompaniment)

I don't know the mountains around me and become the ocean.

I only see the appearance of you and me in the past.

Two and two

How do you want to retract...

A song 'two and two looks at each other' is finished, and the stage is silent.

The person who sings is out of the gods; the person who listens is hooked up. The man groaned, a few women couldn't help but shed tears in their eyes, as if they heard the lyrics and moved a certain string of hearts...

Lan Qin Yu looked at the girl next to her and listened to her own piece of music. It seemed that her mood had eased. She used her eyes to signal her to continue to sing her song. She nodded firmly.

Plugged in such a foot, the effect is really good. However, I was also infected by this song, my chest was a bit stuffy, I remembered Feng Tian Qing..

I don't know when I know it!(??)

"Qing xun, let's go." Qing Xun threw the silver at the owner of the shopkeeper who was still worried, and left with Lan Qin Yu.

Until Lan Qin Yu people have walked out of the tea house, all the talents have reflected from the songs just now, clapping their hands, just to see that people are no longer there, and a few sighs. The shopkeeper who returned to God even went out and wanted to chase after the Lan Qin Yu, to ask her to sing, but the person had gone far.

Sitting in the innermost corner, the blue man who has been observing Qin Yu has quietly left with them.


The 'two-two look' TV drama "Hua Yuzi" episode.

The sad and sad song is very nice. It is very suitable for ancient songs. It is recommended that readers listen to it.

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