008 Singing (1)

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"How? Do you think I am doing the right thing?" Qin Yu asked the audience very much.

The subsequent applause gave her the best answer. The solution was a little bit violent, but... can give Miss Feng a lesson and let the men settle down! So that every time you go out, you must be scared because you are afraid of meeting Miss Feng Jia.

After the lively viewing, the audience will be scattered, each time back to each family, each looking for each mother! In the crowd, someone who has been observing Lan Qin Yu and Qing Xun does not know when disappeared.


"Qingxun, do you think that your mouth is thirsty?" It seems that I was wasting too much saliva and spending a little physical strength. It feels a little powerless...

Qing Xun is only slightly active, and there is no feeling.

"I am fine, if you are thirsty, it is better to rest in the tea house."

The tea house is a good proposal.

"I just heard that there is a good tea house in Fuyang, go there!"

"I heard that? When did this happen?" He did not know how the two of them have been together ah.

Just say that you are looking for Taimu! How can she miss out on any valuable news when she likes people who play everywhere?

"The news of any place worth going to escapes my ears! I am listening to all directions! Oh!"

The restaurant that Qin Yu said is a well-known tea house in Fuyang. As for what is famous, those who say it are not mentioned, so Yu Yu does not know. Anyway, I won't know it after I've been there!


When you walk into the tea house, you can really be said to be full of seats! For a while, I saw the corners of the space, and Lan Qin Yu went there to sit down and ordered some cakes and a pot of tea.

"Qing xun, don't stand, sit next to me."


"It's strange that this restaurant looks like there is nothing special about it! The decoration industry is generally not too big, how can there be so many people?"

And men account for the majority, women count her only a few! Forgot to say, because the 'mask' has been taken for too long, it has just been removed, too boring! Can't wear it often!

"I just asked about it outside. They said that this tea house has a special song and it sings very well. It seems that there is a new girl who is singing today."

"This way, interesting!" The cakes were sent up, and the two stopped talking, quietly eating, and Qin Yu and not forgetting to look around.

Why can't she hear the song? strange!

After about a quarter of an hour, from behind the curtain on the right side of the tea house, a beautiful little girl appeared, followed by an old man with an erhu. A good classic singer duo group, wherever there is no such combination, Lan Qin Yu thinks in her heart.

Most of the people in the tea house are looking at the new girl who sings songs. When they see the people coming out, they start to squat. When the little girl sees this momentum, she is scared to be mixed up by the high steps. And it caused a burst of laughter.

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