007 Bad (3)

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"Qingxun, you said that if I want to kill her, will anyone blame me? Will Xiaoyunyun help me?"

Blame? Humph.

"If you really have this meaning, I will help you solve it now, and what is the relationship."

Simply scum! Why bother Xiao Yu hands, only dirty her hands!

It's hard to get a good match with Qingxun. Qin Yu is also a little itchy. She can't do it against the martial arts people. She can solve this kind of soft persimmon, Miss Feng, she must be no problem!

"Qingxun, I am tired of it, her family will solve you, she, I will come!"(??)

A few of the young men behind Miss Feng were too late to respond. They were each shot by Qingxun. They could see that they did not use internal force to fight, but several big men still squat!

It turns out that the body is really burly and can't be used. It's no wonder that the scholar can easily break away! It's really a bunch of rice bowls!

  Qin Yu crossed her fists with both hands, moved her neck, and her fingers squeaked and licked the bones, scaring Miss Feng straight back.

The family has been unable to help her, and she has to ask for help from the people around here. "You, who are you, help me to solve this madman! Don't look at it, come to help!"

Lan Qin Yu also stopped to cooperate to see if someone is willing to come forward to help this evil girl!

A gust of wind blew, sweeping a leaf that did not know where it came out, adding a miserable background picture, Qin Yu smiled and approached Miss Feng.


I was so eager to put my foot on Miss Feng's back, and Qin Yu jumped two more times. "Dead woman, ugly woman! Dare to be a madman! You are a crazy woman who wants men to be crazy! What happened before? What am I! You are a thing! Even people and things are not clear, what do you mean by living, what other faces are you alive! Still so brazenly, you can hang up! I tell you, even if you don't People will want it!"

I used to see only in the palace. Xiao Yu occasionally teased the palace girl. They never saw her like this when she was crazy. He suddenly felt that when she was getting along with her, he should always be careful not to anger her...

Among the masses, no one dared to speak. They did not expect this 'man', who looks very elegant and honest, to have such a powerful explosive power...

"Xiao Yu, it should be... almost, and then recruiting officers and men will make things bigger. You don't want us to come, let's go."

Playing for Lan Qin Yu is the biggest temptation to only use this as a reason to convince most likely to be accepted.

"For this kind of goods, can't I play? Don't even think about it!" Finally, after stepping on the tread, I finally removed her jade foot from the back of the family. Miss Feng had already passed out.

Don't say that Lan Qin Yu is cruel, our cute and charming little rain actually didn't do anything, just stumbled over her shoulders and then stumbled over her, then stood on Miss Feng's back and stepped on 'lightly' A few feet.

Who let others do so without a fall, fell to the ground at the time already see stars speechless, they cannot blame Qin Yu! Self-inflicted!

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