006 Bad (2)

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After a while, Qingxun had done an ideological struggle and decided to cooperate with Qin Yu for the time being, so that she would be ugly, I am afraid that she would be very miserable!

  He stiffly took the slender waist of Qin Yu, and the hands did not dare to move, but the expression was very good.

  Qin Yu snickers, just to play, Qing Xun is really funny! If you want to get along with her naturally in the future, you should try to make less jokes in this regard!

The exception is good today!

"You, you are really... idiots! I definitely don't allow this kind of thing! How can I, because of you... is it... I have to fix this man anyway! What is the relationship between you, you are also a little beautiful, simply you guys Both are coming to my Feng House!"

Ms. Feng is simply a lion, and she does not care about it. She issues a declaration to a female servant! Let me not say that Yu Yu is not a question of 'fu,' and people don't know this.

As she said more and more explicit, Qin Yu's little patience was gradually polished.

"I said that you still have to be shameless. Are you not too shameful? Your face is lost by you! Still searching for handsome guys everywhere, you are so unwilling to be lonely? You are already ** People want it, but also hope that we are so good, you are dreaming of you? Dreaming of you!"(??)

You can only have a dry addiction in your dreams!

Probably because it has never been so ruined, Miss Feng's expression is completely distorted. This is a very ordinary person who adds the eyebrows that are squeezed together and bites his teeth. It is already a bit unsightly.

If she grows a little ugly and a little bit, Qin Yu will probably spit out in public!

Such an ugly expression, she can do it by loss! In some ways, it is amazing!

"Don't dare say this Miss, do you know that I used to be a minister of the Ministry of Industry! It is the official of the second product! I am annoyed, and both of you are in the prison!"

Thoroughly despise her!

"Are you all already returning home? That is to say, it is not an official, but it has been an official. Now it is a very ordinary people!"(past sense oh~)

Even if she is still a member of the Ministry of Industry, she will not be in the eyes of her!

Ms. Feng snorted with confidence this time and proudly said: "Even if I swear to return home, the prefects here will also give face, I will say what they have to listen to!"

"Hey, get me in a hurry, get rid of you!"

I don't know where the cold wind comes from, the people around me feel that the back is cold, and the more they look at the more suffocating, the more unconscious the eyes become cold. For those women who don't know how to be tall, if they don't give a lesson, they will never learn. be good!

"What, what to do..." was scared by the change of Yu Yu, Miss Feng began to stutter.

Lan Qin Yu answered her very easily, "kill!"

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