38- Making decisions

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It's been four days since Sadie had the babies. The doctors wanted to keep Sadie and the babies in the hospital a little longer to monitor them, and to make sure that everything was OK before they released them from the hospital.

Sadie and Antonio still hadn't come to an agreement on naming the babies.

"I like Harper a lot for a girl, and Luca for a boy." Sadie says to Antonio.

"I do like Luca, it's an Italian name." he smirked "But Harper is too close to Harlow." He looked down at his little girl and smiled at her.

"Well.. how about Alessandra or Liliana? I believe those are Italian names, and what I had on my list." Sadie says.

"I like Liliana the best, is that what you want to name her then?"

"Hmm, I do like Adriana too." Sadie sighed, not wanting to make up her mind.

"We have to choose soon, they are expecting to release you and the kids today."

"Let's go with Liliana and Luca." Sadie smiled, wanting to hurry before she changed her mind again.

"And the middle names?" he asked.

"I was thinking Hunter for Luca, and originally I had a middle name picked out for Liliana, but I don't think you'll like it... I thought of possibly Harlow, even Ethan brought it up the other day, but if not we could go with maybe Harper? I just thought it would be a nice memorial for what she did for us."

Antonio sat there thinking for a bit "I don't know.." he sighed, still not caring to have her name involved with their children's names "Well... I guess that will work, if that's what you really would like to do."

"Are you sure?"

"If that's what you want, then it's fine with me, I'll go let them know that we decided on the names, and get us out of here."

Antonio handed her Liliana, and left the room to find the nurse, and to see about finally getting out of the hospital. Sadie sat in the bed holding Luca and Liliana and stared at them, she thought they were the most precious things she ever laid her eyes on "I cannot believe your daddy and I made you two. I never thought that I could ever love anyone so much, as I do you two." She says quietly to them.

Antonio was able to get Sadie and the babies discharged, and brought them home. Once they walked in the door, the girls were ecstatic to see them and wanted to see the babies. Antonio carried them in their car seats into the living room, and set them down for the girls to take a look. Everyone had to chuckle, watching the girls talk to them.

"What are their names?" Isabella asked.

"Luca Hunter, and Liliana Harlow." Sadie says with a smile.

"She has mommy's name!" Gabriella excitedly yelled "Can we hold them?"

Antonio and Sadie took the babies out of their car seats and had the girls sit on the couch. They sat down next to the girls and helped them hold their brother and sister.

Grace and Giorgia walked into the living room wanting to see the babies, Antonio and Sadie got up so they could sit next to the girls. Sadie figured it was perfect timing for her to go clean up and change. Antonio sat with Giovanni talking about his future, while keeping an eye on his little ones.

"Have you decided if you're moving here or going back home to Paris?" Antonio asked his dad.

"Well I think Giorgia wants to stay here, she says she's been away from you far too long, and that she wants to be able to see the grandkids more."

"I'm sure the kids would like that."

"We both would actually enjoy it." Giovanni says, thinking it would be nice to move away from the tourist attraction.

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