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The person named Feng yatou is not like Lan Qin Yu if it is not well rectified!

She also really wants to ruin her, but...the usual sneer and sarcasm, I feel a little boring, my eyes are turning around, oh! 'The ground is ringing! I have an idea!

Today you do not play dead!

  Qin Yu changed he expression and leaned on Qing Xun's body. She circled his chest with her fingers and proudly said to Feng Dao: "This lady, can you just put a mouth under it?"

She also learned from Xiao yun yun, claiming to be at once, feeling good.

"What are you?" Miss Feng squinted at Qin Yu who looked a little more beautiful, but compared with this handsome blue guy, it was much worse!

  Qin Yu directly ignored her unkind tone, continued to play, and the careful little hand turned to the face of Qing Xun, seemingly caressed, but also took advantage of it!

"Miss wants him, but doesn't ask me first?"

Miss Feng eyes fire, she did not touch the face of the beautiful man, even let this man grab the first, what my people!

"Where did you come from! Dare to be so wild to me! What I want is him, what does it have to do with you!"

With a glimpse of the corner of her eye, QinYu Yu tried her best to endure a handprint of the surname Feng, and went to the ear of Qingxun, whispering: "Make me!"

After the words were finished, no matter if Qing Xun did understand, the relatives glared at Qing Xun to kiss him on his cheek, and deliberately sweared at the corner, demonstrating the illusion of Feng's ownership of Qing Xun.

"He is my own person, you say... Does it have anything to do with me?"

Surrounded by a thin, thin-skinned woman screamed with her hand to block her eyes, her face red.

"They...two men..."

"It turns out... they are in that kind of relationship."

"Yeah, but... both are beautiful, don't think... it is alright?"

Gossip around me, so that Qin Yu could feel proud, is this pair of skins really and Qing Xun so appropriate? Out of her surprise! Miss Feng should be a very good stimulus!

Look at her face green gas, Qin Yu was delighted at heart!

Qing Xun Tieqing's face was not too obvious red, I didn't expect her to...  do this, knowing that she was just playing around,he was not too shocked, if the second prince knew,  He would have  a layer of skin peeled and she was to blame!

Miss Feng did not believe what she said, and denied her. "Impossible, you don't  fool me!"

Qin Yu turned over her eyes, and Qing Xun was really wooden. He said that he would cooperate with her, and he did not take the initiative to ask her how to pretend! I want to dismantle her desk!

  Qin Yu turned her body to the direction of Qing Xun, silently said a word, Qing Xing saw the mouth shape, I do not know how to be good! But this stare, Miss Feng see in the eyes, it seems to have become their glances, the gas ah!

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